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Toyota Premio for sale Pakistan | Toyota Premio price Pakistan

Toyota Premio for Sale in Pakistan

The Toyota Premio was introduced in 2001 as a replacement for the outgoing Corona Premio. Premio is an Italian word that means “Prize” or “Premium”. Offered in the luxury compact sedan segment, the Premio is also manufactured and assembled in Japan exclusively for the local market. As it is not officially delivered to other regions of the world, you cannot buy a brand new Premio in Pakistan with company warranty. Still, it is the best-selling imported sedan in this country. The Toyota Premio Japan is more of a bridging model and sits between the Toyota Corolla (a subcompact sedan) and the Toyota Camry (a midsize sedan). Reconditioned Toyota Premio cars for sale are available on Carmudi for the interested buyers.

Top Things To Know Before Buying Toyota Premio in Pakistan

Let’s discuss in detail the top ten reasons to buy Toyota Premio in Pakistan:

What are Toyota Premio Specifications?

The Toyota Premio is available in 3 engine options, the first and second generations both had 1.5 liter and 1.8 liter four-cylinder DOHC engines. The high-performance version of the first generation was built with a 2.0 liter direct DOHC engine while the same version in the second generation Premio had a 2.0 liter Valvematic four-cylinder DOHC engine. The first generation featured four-speed Super ECT automatic transmission while the second generation models were paired with CVT automatic transmission system. Both Toyota Premio 4WD and 2WD versions are available in the market. The Toyota Premio 2015 is accessible in 1.5L, 1.8L and 2.0L petrol engines paired with Super CVT-i Automatic gearbox. The 1.5L and 2.0L are only available in 2wd option while 1.8L engine variant is available in both 2wd and 4wd.

Toyota Premio Dimensions

Toyota Premio Length (mm)


Toyota Premio Width (mm)


Toyota Premio Height (mm)


Toyota Premio Weight (kg)


Toyota Premio Ground Clearance (mm)


Toyota Premio Wheelbase (mm)


What is Toyota Premio Fuel Consumption?

The fuel rates in Pakistan fluctuate every month, so if you love sedans, it is essential to buy one that has a good fuel consumption. The Toyota Premio G Superior gives an excellent fuel economy of around 15.6 km/L in the city while the Toyota Premio Ex package gives 19.2 km/L. The high fuel efficiency has made it the best-selling Japanese sedan in Pakistan.

Toyota Premio Design

The only thing that puts the Premio at the back is not being officially available in Pakistan. In all other aspects whether it is price, fuel economy or maintenance cost, Toyota has always proved itself the best of all.

Toyota Premio Exterior

The bodywork of the Premio is up to the standards of luxury associated with Japanese automakers. Overall, it is simple, aerodynamic and mechanically sound featuring a wide front chrome grille and elegant headlamps. The rear LED lights are also simple giving a hint of sophistication to the overall exterior design.

Toyota Premio Interior

On the inside, the elegantly crafted leather and wood trims are pleasing to the eye. The front panel features a display screen with a built-in navigation system. The cockpit comprises of a power steering with mounted audio and air conditioning control so that you won’t have to take your hands off the steering wheel. The multi-information display provides all the necessary info, such as seat-belt information, fuel, oil and the speed. The interior is very spacious and has great headroom and legroom.

What Are Toyota Premio Color Options?

The 2015 Toyota Premio is available in 7 beautiful colors which include

  • Abyss Grey metallic
  • Black
  • Blackish Red Mica
  • Clear Storm Metallic
  • Silver Metallic
  • Super White
  • White Pearl Crystal Shine


Out of all these colors, the Toyota Premio Black, White and Silver are most popular in Pakistan.

What are Toyota Premio Safety Features?

The Toyota Premio brand new renders all the advanced safety facilities which you would require from a sedan including SRS airbags, HID headlamps that provide an amazing view of the road ahead, front fog lamps which increase the visibility and helps during rainy or foggy weather of Punjab, Steering-assisted Vehicle Stability Control (S-VSC) which ensures great stability and maneuverability of the Premio on rough and slippery terrains. The GOA body structure of the Premio Toyota protects the passengers inside the car in case of a collision.

Toyota Premio Safety Rating

The Toyota Premio which is also known as the Toyota Allion has a safety rating of 4.5 stars on ANCAP safety ratings.

What Are The Features of the Toyota Premio?

The Toyota Premio new model offers luxury and performance at a price below your expectations. When you go for the premium version of this sedan, you get an interactive touchscreen display with a navigation system, rearview camera and sleek chrome lines, keyless entry and an anti-theft system and an anti-lock braking system. Similar luxury features in some other marques would definitely cost much more than this one.  

Where Can I Find Toyota Premio Accessories in Pakistan?

You won’t find Toyota Premio parts available at Toyota Indus Motors, however, they can be easily bought from local dealers in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi. A few years back, it was hard to find spare parts and replacements for this luxury sedan, which is not the case anymore. Inspect some Toyota Premio cars for sale before making your purchase decision and ask for compensation if any part needs to be replaced.

Where Can You Buy Toyota Premio in Pakistan?

The Toyota Premio Japan may not have a better resale value than the Toyota Corolla since it is a Japanese imported model, but the luxury and comfort provided by the Premio are far better than the Corolla. The powerful engine combined with a luxurious wooden interior and an elegant exterior design is the reason why you should buy a Premio. Check our listings to buy Toyota Premio used in Pakistan.

Toyota Premio 2016 Review

The second generation of the Toyota Allion (Toyota Premio in Pakistan) was introduced in 2007. Since its introduction, a new model has been released every year without any design changes. Naturally the 2016 Toyota Premio belongs to this second and the latest generation.

Toyota Premio Popular Models in Pakistan

Toyota Premio 2007

The Toyota Premio 2007 is the first model to come out of the second generation Toyota Premio. It is not manufactured in Pakistan and due to its import quality, it fetches a very handsome price. Average Toyota Premio 2007 prices range from PKR 17 Lacs to PKR 18 Lacs.

Toyota Premio 2007 for sale in Pakistan

Toyota Premio 2006

The Toyota Premio 2006 was the latest model before Toyota launched the second generation of the Toyota Premio range. Before the second generation’s launch, the Toyota Premio was the hottest model in Pakistan. Average Toyota Premio 2007 prices range from PKR 14 Lacs to PKR 16 Lacs.

Toyota Premio 2006 for sale in Pakistan

Toyota Premio 2008

The Toyota Premio 2008 is the latest model available in Pakistan. It is the second model to come out of the assembly line after the launch of the second generation. Average Toyota Premio 2007 prices range from PKR 21 Lacs to PKR 24 Lacs depending on the options selected.

Toyota Premio 2008 for sale in Pakistan

Toyota Premio compared to other city cars in Pakistan

  • Toyota Premio vs Honda Accord- Although the Honda Accord has more luggage space, the Toyota Premio has more leg room.

  • Toyota Premio vs Honda Civic- Although the Honda Civic is more powerful, the Toyota Premio has more fuel efficient.

  • Toyota Premio vs Toyota Corolla- Although the Toyota Corolla is more spacious, the Toyota Premio has more luggage space.

What is Toyota Premio Price in Pakistan?

As the Premio is not offered by dealers in Pakistan, you can only buy it in used condition or import a new one directly from Japan. Based on different model years and conditions, you can buy a well-maintained Toyota Premio for a price ranging from PKR 1.5 million to 3.5 million.

  • The Toyota Premio 2015 price starts from US$ 21,500 (1500cc . 2WD)

Toyota Premio Price List:

  • Toyota Premio 2014 Price in Pakistan: PKR 35 Lacs
  • Toyota Premio 2012 Price in Pakistan: PKR 37.5 Lacs
  • Toyota Premio 2011 Price in Pakistan: PKR 32 Lacs
  • Toyota Premio 2010 Price in Pakistan: PKR 27.5 Lacs
  • Toyota Premio 2009 Price in Pakistan: PKR 28 Lacs


Toyota Premio latest offers in Pakistan