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Toyota Rush For Sale In Pakistan, Toyota Rush Price 2017 in Pakistan

Toyota Rush Review

The Toyota Rush is a re-branded version of Daihatsu Terios, a mini SUV first released in 1997 by Japanese manufacturer Daihatsu. The second generation of Terios was introduced in 2006 and is still being produced. It is sold under the name Terios by Indus Toyota Motors Pakistan and is available in constant four wheel drive and two wheel drive layouts. Interested customers can find plenty of imported Toyota Rush for sale at Carmudi.



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Toyota Rush overall score by Carmudi's car expert:
3.8 stars

Top Things To Know Before Buying Toyota Rush in Pakistan

What is Toyota Rush Specification?

Toyota Rush 2015

The Toyota Rush is powered by a 1.5L DOHC VVT-i engine with a bhp of 108 and torque of 104 ft/lb. The engine has adjustable valve timing which allows it to adapt to the driving conditions.  The SUV gives an extra power boost and saves fuel in normal conditions. It is also environment-friendly with minimum CO2 emissions. The MacPherson strut with stabilizes bar and coil springs give advanced handling capability. The vehicle is available in five-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions. It has a minimum turning radius of 5.2m and a large fuel tank with the highest capacity of 50 liters.

Toyota Rush 2014

The Rush 2014 also carries the same powertrain as the latest model.

Toyota Rush Dimensions

Toyota Rush Length (mm)


Toyota Rush Width (mm)


Toyota Rush Height (mm)


Toyota Rush Weight (kg)


Toyota Rush Ground Clearance (mm)


Toyota Rush Wheelbase (mm)


Check Out Toyota Rush Fuel Consumption

The Toyota Rush consumes fuel at a rate of 14.8 km/L and has a turning diameter of 9.8 m. It has a 50 Liter fuel tank.

Toyota Rush Design

The 2015 Toyota Rush is a seven seater sporty SUV with a perfect combination of power and chic. It has a grille and front bumper with aero kit, which besides enhancing its rugged exterior design makes it more aerodynamic.

Toyota Rush Exterior

The rear bumper adorns aero kit and rear combination lamps. The stop, turn signal and reverse lamps enhance visibility. The rear bumper protector saves it from getting scratched while loading or unloading items from the vehicle. The spare tyre at the rear of Rush is housed in a sporty cover with chrome accents. The projector headlamps improve night vision while the bright fog lamps provide better visibility in rain, fog and mist. The power retractable wing mirrors also feature turn indicators. The roof rails allow you to load all you want to for a thrilling weekend.

Toyota Rush Interior

The dark 7-seater interior of the Rush has adaptable seat arrangements. The seats can be adjusted to accommodate the entire family through One-Touch Tumble, 2 Headrests in the 2nd-row seat, Separate, Sliding and Reclining folding 3rd-row seat and 50:50 Split Fold. The 2 DIN 6-speaker audio system has a steering switch control making it all the more convenient to use. The leather-wrapped A/T gate type shift lever is easy to use and just right for the contemporary, thrilling outlook of the Toyota Rush. The dual blower air conditioning system keeps all the passengers cool. A protective solar film prevents heat build-up in the cabin

What are Toyota Rush Color Options?

The Rush 2015 is available in

  • Black Mica Metallic
  • Bright Silver Metallic
  • Champagne Gold Metallic
  • Reddish Brown Mica
  • Shining Red
  • Titanium Grey Metallic
  • Bronze Olive
  • Pearl Metallic and
  • White Pearl.

The vast range of colors makes sure there is a Rush for every SUV lover.

What are Toyota Rush Safety Features?

The safety features of the SUV are state of the art. The Anti-Lock Braking system with EBD prevents wheel lockup when sudden brakes are applied on slippery roads. The Dual Airbags save driver and passengers from injuries in the event of an accident. The collapsible steering curtail damage to the driver by collapsing upon its own column. The Reverse sensors assist in parking. An emergency kit is also available with the vehicle which contains a first-aid kit, jumper cables and a safety triangle.

Toyota Rush Safety Rating

The Toyota Rush has a four-star crash test rating from the European Safety Rating agency Euro NCAP which is one of the best in the compact car category.

What Are The Best Features Of The Toyota Rush?

It’s power-packed performance, exquisite outlook, luxurious high-quality interior packed with latest technology features and latest safety facilities make it a standout in the mini SUV segment. The Toyota Rush has all the potential to set the market on fire. It is a well designed SUV with spacious boot space and adjustable seats, making it a perfect family car. Although it is priced much less than other SUVs in the market, it surely does not compromise aesthetics and quality. The stylish and tough outlook, the luxurious technology packed interior and comprehensive security features are not only worth the money but are actually lot more than one can ask for in this price. All the problems in the previous versions have been properly addressed. The 2015 Toyota Rush is a perfect vehicle for Pakistani families looking for a luxury car that does not cost them a fortune.

Where Can I Find Toyota Rush Accessories In Pakistan?

Finding the Toyota Rush parts might not be an issue, as the Daihatsu Terios, which is officially available here, is equipped with almost the same features as the former. Contact with a Toyota dealer in your city.

Where can you buy Toyota Rush in Pakistan?

The Toyota Rush is gaining popularity in Pakistan among SUV lovers. You’d see quite a few of them cruising on the roads now, which means resale is not bad. Check out the following listings to buy Toyota Rush in your city.

Toyota Rush 2016 Review

The Toyota Rush 2016 belongs to the Second Generation of Daihatsu Terios released in 2005. The Toyota Rush 2016 is, in fact, a rebadged version of Daihatsu Terios. The Toyota Rush is one of the few off-road vehicles which is not available with diesel powered engines. A diesel version is expected to be released in 2019 when Toyota launches the Third Generation of the Toyota Rush vehicle.

Toyota Rush Popular Models in Pakistan

Toyota Rush 2008

One of the most popular models available in Pakistan is the Toyota Rush 2008. Although one of the least expensive Toyota Rush models available on the market, its starting price is around PKR 17 Lac while all options included models can command a price of about PKR 21 Lac.

Toyota Rush 2008 for sale in Pakistan

Toyota Rush 2010

Equally coveted is the Toyota Rush 2010 model. It is available in Pakistan in both used and refurbished models. The refurbishment and overhaul are carried out at the Toyota plant in Osaka and then exported directly to Pakistan. The average price of the Toyota Rush 2010 model is around PKR 22 Lac.

Toyota Rush 2010 for sale in Pakistan

Toyota Rush 2012

The Toyota Rush 2012 model is the latest available in Pakistan. It is available in new, used and refurbished configurations. All the Toyota Rush 2012 model vehicles available in Pakistan have automatic transmission. The average price of new Toyota Rush 2012 is around PKR 29 Lac.

Toyota Rush 2012 for sale in Pakistan

Toyota Rush compared to other city cars in Pakistan


  • Toyota Rush vs Mitsubishi Pajero - Although the Mitsubishi Pajero is more powerful the Toyota Rush has better control.

  • Toyota Rush vs Toyota Land Cruiser - Although the Land Cruiser is bigger the Toyota Rush is more fuel efficient.  

  • Toyota Rush vs Suzuki Jimny - The Suzuki Jimny is more fuel efficient but the Toyota Rush is more powerful.


What is Toyota Rush Price In Pakistan?

Toyota Rush 2015 price in Pakistan

The all-new Toyota Rush 2015 has a starting price of PKR 2,700,000 (without customs duty). If you are looking for a used Toyota Rush for sale, you may find it between PKR 650,000 and PKR 3,100,000, depending on the model year and condition.

Toyota Rush 2014 price in Pakistan

The Toyota rush price in Pakistan 2014 hovers around PKR 20 Lacs to PKR 30 Lacs.

Used Toyota Rush Price List:

  • Toyota Rush 2014 Price: PKR 24.5 Lacs
  • Toyota Rush 2010 Price: PKR 18 Lacs
  • Toyota Rush 2009 Price: PKR 17 Lacs
  • Toyota Rush 2008 Price: PKR 16 Lacs

Toyota Rush latest offers in Pakistan