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Toyota cars in Karachi

Toyota Motor Corporation, the Japanese automobile giant started small with automated loom manufacturing and went on to grow into a variety of businesses. The automobile division was launched in Toyota GT 861937. In 2000, Toyota became the biggest car maker in Japan and was number three in global ranking with a market share of 9.8 percent. Utilizing the minimal natural resources available in the country, Toyota came up with brilliant cars with excellent fuel efficiency. Then the small car was developed whilst luxury big cars remained the focus of other countries. Toyota took the first move and developed something opposite of that. Post World War II, the company had the least amount of resources available and had no choice but to venture into recycled cars etc. Toyota’s president, Shoichiro Toyoda, laid special emphasis on international relations and studied about the countries that were export partners for instance United States and tried to remove any hostility between the countries in order to facilitate friendly competition. Since in 1940s, Toyota was a major auto manufacturer and this was attributed to the company’s insight and ability to do the right PEST analysis of the market. Toyota created employment for 320,000 people and produced an extra five million vehicles annually.

Toyota Prius

Toyota cars in Karachi

Toyota is a prominent brand in Pakistan with premium positioning and a good share of the market. Karachi is a metropolitan city and a transport centre and the purchasing power is more over there. In Karachi the car you drive is a symbol of your social and financial status. Karachites are wealthy and would always be conscious of the clothes they wear and especially of the cars they drive. Toyota is perceived as a luxury car brand and is skimming the market in terms of price. The number of Toyota cars seen on the road are more in Karachi as compared to Lahore and Islamabad . The major Toyota dealers in Karachi are;
  • Toyota Eastern Motors
  • Toyota Indus Motors
  • Toyota Central Motors
The most selling brands of Toyota in Pakistan are:
  • Corolla
  • Land Cruiser
  • Hilux Surf
  • Vitz
  • Prius
  • Belta
  • Rush
  • Hiace

Currently the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2000 used is for PKR 2,450,000. The reconditioned Toyota Prius 2010 is for PKR 1,925,000. The used Toyota Passo 2011 is for PKR 1,250,000. The used Toyota Vitz 2011 is for PKR 1,450,000. The used Toyota Corolla GLI 2011 is for PKR 1,450,000, the used Toyota Land Cruiser 2003 is for PKR 5,400,000 and the used Toyota Hiace 2012 is for PKR 3,800,000. The new Corolla GLI 2013 is for PKR 1,790,000 and the new Corolla GLI LE is for PKR 1,935,500.