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Vitz car price in Pakistan | vitz car | toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz for Sale in Pakistan, Toyota Vitz Price 2017 in Pakistan

The Toyota Vitz is a sub-compact hatchback introduced in 1998 by Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation. The car has been sold in over 70 countries under different nameplates such as Vitz, Yaris and Echo. Currently third generation Vitz inspiring consumers in the international markets. One astonishing fact is that the Vitz has crossed 2.5-million mark in 2014. It has won the hearts of customers worldwide thanks to its sporty design and power packed performance.

Toyota Indus Motors does not assemble or market Vitz in Pakistan, but you can easily find reconditioned and used Toyota Vitz for sale in Pakistan. The Vitz is the first Japanese car which got so popular here that it is preferred over locally manufactured Mehran, Santro and Alto due to the luxury, convenience and technology features it provides. Below are:



4 stars


4 stars


3.9 stars


3.9 stars


4.4 stars


4.4 stars

Toyota Vitz overall score by Carmudi's car expert:
4.2 stars

Top Things To Know Before Buying Toyota Vitz in Pakistan

What are Toyota Vitz Specifications?

Toyota Vitz Specifications 2013

The Toyota Vitz 2014 is available in two body styles:

  • A three-door hatchback with L and LE trim levels
  • A five-door hatchback with L, LE and SE trim levels

Both Vitz models enclose a standard 1.5L inline-four-cylinder engine generating 106 hp power and 103 Nm of torque paired with either a 4-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission. Its electrically powered steering offers a comfy and luxurious driving experience.  The Toyota Vitz 2015 comes in 3 engine configurations including 1.0L, 1.3L and 1.5L machines with 2WD and 4WD drive options. Both Vitz manual and Vitz automatic are available in Pakistan. 

Toyota Vitz Dimensions

Toyota Vitz Length (mm)


Toyota Vitz Width (mm)


Toyota Vitz Height (mm)


Toyota Vitz Weight (kg)


Toyota Vitz Ground Clearance (mm)


Toyota Vitz Wheelbase (mm)


What is Toyota Vitz Fuel Consumption?

The Toyota Vitz average fuel economy is around 30/36 mpg city/highway. This impressive fuel economy is the reason why People in Pakistan prefer this hatchback over the locally manufactured cars.

Toyota Vitz Design

Like every hatchback, the Toyota Vitz design is a balancing act between comfortability and spaciousness and Toyota passes this test with flying colors.

Toyota Vitz Exterior

The Toyota Vitz car encompasses a young, vibrant and sporty persona. It is 153.5 inches in length and is really convenient to park. Its aerodynamic design has solidified its overall appearance. 

Toyota Vitz Interior

The Toyota Vitz features a straightforward interior with a clean layout and easy to use controls. Its four-way adjustable front seats allow sufficient headroom and legroom for rear seats. The interior comes equipped with six-speaker CD player, USB port, auxiliary jack and Bluetooth streaming for phone and music. The Vitz tenders ample cargo space with the option of folding rear seats available in all except the basic trim. The Hatchback functionality allows storing pile of goods in the trunk

Toyota Vitz Colour Choices

The Toyota Vitz Pakistan is available in 11 funky and eye-catching colors including

  • Beige Mica Metallic
  • Blue Metallic
  • Black Mica
  • Dark Brown Mica Metallic
  • Cool Soda Metallic
  • Luminous Yellow
  • Grey Metallic
  • Super Red
  • Silver Metallic
  • White Pearl Crystal Shine 
  • Super White and

Toyota Vitz Safety Rating

The Toyota Vitz gets a four-star rating from the NHTSA crash testing for five door vehicles and a four and a half star rating for the three-door vehicle version.

How Toyota Vitz Performs on the Road?

The Vitz Toyota compact design makes it easy to drive around in metropolitan cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad where the traffic congestion is usually high. The compact styling is also beneficial for women who may find it hard to cruise around narrow streets. Moreover, the powerful engine ensures a smooth drive in both city and highways, taking care of the fuel economy.

Are Toyota Vitz Accessories and Parts Easily Available in Pakistan?

Since the hatchback is not manufactured locally, the Toyota Vitz parts may not available with the authorized Toyota dealers. However, any local dealer can easily provide you Toyota Vitz spare parts in Pakistan. Some parts and accessories are same as used in Toyota Corolla. Besides, Vitz parts can be easily purchased online.

Where Can You Buy Toyota Vitz In Pakistan?

Every trim level in Vitz has something extra to offer to its customers. The LE and SE trims offer cruise control, driver seat height adjustment, 4-wheel disc brakes, keyless entry and a leather-trimmed shift lever and steering wheel.

Toyota Vitz Popular Models in Pakistan

Toyota Vitz 2005

The Vitz 2005 is the first generation of the Vitz ever manufactured or released by Toyota. The average price of Toyota Vitz 2005 model in Pakistan is around 8.5 Lac PKR

Toyota Vitz 2005 for sale in Pakistan

Toyota Vitz 2010

The Vitz is the second generation of the Vitz released by Toyota. It is a little more popular than the 2005 model. Its average price in Pakistan is around 11 Lac PKR.

Toyota Vitz 2010 for sale in Pakistan

Toyota Vitz 2012

The Vitz is the second generation of the Vitz released by Toyota but it was released two years later than the first release for the second generation. Its average price in Pakistan is around 15 Lac PKR.

Toyota Vitz 2012 for sale in Pakistan

Should You Buy A Toyota Vitz?

The Toyota Vitz Japan has a very good resale values, in fact, it's better than locally manufactured hatchbacks. The popularity of Vitz makes it very preferable in Pakistan and it is highly unlikely that you will make a loss when selling your used Vitz. Check our listings to buy Toyota Vitz used cars for sale in Karachi, Lahore and other cities.

Toyota Vitz Compared to Other Compact Cars in the Pakistan

The Vitz has established its dominance in the Compact Car category but still it faces tough competition from the following models:

  • Toyota Vitz vs Suzuki Alto- the Alto has a greater ground clearance but the Vitz has the bigger wheelbase
  • Toyota Vitz vs Daihatsu Coure- the Daihatsu Coure has a higher fuel efficiency but the Vitz has a better road grip
  • Toyota Vitz vs Suzuki Cultus- The Cultus has probably more leg space but then the Vitz has got more storage space.

What is Toyota Vitz Price in Pakistan?

A Toyota Vitz 2013 is available at a starting price of PKR 1,450,000. Customers can find used Toyota Vitz for sale in Pakistan in a price range between PKR 700,000 and PKR 1,300,000 depending on the model and condition of the car. The Toyota Vitz 2015 price in Pakistan ( 1000cc 2WD) is around US $17,800 (including shipping charges). Below you can find average prices of Toyota Vitz cars according to current Carmudi listings:

Toyota Vitz Used Car Prices in Pakistan:

  • Toyota Vitz 2014 Price: PKR 16 Lacs
  • Toyota Vitz 2013 Price: PKR 14.8 Lacs
  • Toyota Vitz 2012 Price: PKR 14 Lacs
  • Toyota Vitz 2011 Price: PKR 13.6 Lacs
  • Toyota Vitz 2010 Price: PKR 12.7 Lacs

Toyota Vitz 2015

Toyota Vitz in Pakistan is all set to be launched by Indus Motors. In some Arabian countries, Toyota Vitz is also known as Toyota Yaris.

Toyota Vitz 2015 Price in Pakistan

  • Toyota Vitz 2015 price in Pakistan is PKR: 1,500,000
  • Toyota Vitz 1000cc Price is PKR: 1,350,000

Toyota Vitz 2016 Review

Toyota Vitz is branded as Toyota Yaris in Western Europe and in the USA and Canada. The 2016 model is all set to launch as soon as the festivities for the year 2015 finish. In Pakistan, the Toyota Vitz 2016 will arrive in the  middle of the year 2016.

Toyota Vitz latest offers in Pakistan