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Rs 2,050,000


Shahzad Ayyub
  • 17,000 Km

This used Toyota Prius Aplha 2013 is available for sale. Like all other cars Toyota has not compromised on the quality of this one too. The car is a right hand drive with a 1800 cc engine. The ca...

Rs 750,000 Negotiable


Nadeem Ashraf
  • 160,000 Km

Excellent Condition 190 E, imported from UK in 1992. Only 160000 km. Full options. Price negotiable after inspection. Does not require any immediate expenditure.

Rs 1,080,000 Negotiable


Farrukh Mustafa
  • 73,000 Km

This Black Toyota Vitz F L 2007 Limited is sure to sell quickly with a pricetag of Rs1080000. With a Automatic transmission system and a mileage of 73000km on the clock, you are sure to have many...

Rs 750,000 Drive Away


Amjad Ali Asi
  • 170,000 Km

Honda has delivered excellence for years and this car is no exception. This used Honda City IDSI 2004 is available for sale. This car is a right hand drive with a 1300 cc engine. It has a total r...

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Used cars in Pakistan

Having the perfect vehicle to drive around is every individual’s dream. Sometimes due to a host of reasons, a person cannot always buy a brand new set of wheels, however, there is no need to despair. There are numerous used cars available in the market and we at are sure you will find the perfect vehicle.

New vs. used

Sure, we all wish to own a new automobile fresh off the production line. The feeling of driving an unused vehicle is incomparable to any other feeling in the world. Nevertheless, at times a new motorcar is above a person’s budget and one has to look for a good used car. A new automobile is heavy investment and it also comes with additional costs such as registration and insurance.

New car vs. used car

On the other hand, a well-maintained, good quality used car is a bargain which one can afford easily. Old motorcars up for sale need to be scrutinized a little and one can get great value for his money. Used vehicles have lower price tags than their new counterparts. This means you can buy a newer model in the same budget in place of purchasing an older unused one. In addition, one avoids steep depreciation, an evil which new-car owners have to bear.

Available used cars in Pakistan

Cars in Pakistan The market in Pakistan offers used variants for all kinds of automobile models. The more popular ones are Toyota and Suzuki. The reason is that these vehicles have great resale value and have less running and maintenance bills. Other notable brands for used cars on Pakistan's streets are: Audi, BMW, Daihatsu, Honda, Hyundai and Mazda .

Advice on buying used cars

Buying used automobiles is a little tricky if one is unprepared. We have highlighted a few tips which will help you avoid being duped.

  • Prepare well by researching the model beforehand.
  • Inspect the vehicle thoroughly and at your ease. Do not feel rushed by the seller.
  • Examine the exterior closely, check for dents and scratches. Fresh paint coating might be concealing rust.
  • Check for proper functioning of all knobs, switches and buttons, dials and gauges, headlights and backlights.
  • Take the vehicle for a drive and test brakes, suspension, transmission of gears, steering and handling.