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New Suzuki Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles are vehicles that are used to carry products or fare-paying people.

Characteristics of Commercial vehicles:

      Company owned.
        For commercial purpose but registered in a person’s name.
          Owned by banks and other financial institutions or leasing facilities.
            The weight band for commercial vehicles is over 26,001 pounds.
              Heavy and hazardous objects are moved using these automobiles.

            Suzuki Motor Corporation is a global automobile manufacturer, ranked number ten amongst largest auto manufacturers in the world with its specialization in making vehicles, 4X4s multi-terrain vehicles (ATVs), motorbikes, marine engines, wheel chairs and combustion engines. The company employs 45,000 people across the globe and is present in twenty three countries and distributing in ninety two countries. Suzuki is number two amongst the biggest commercial vehicle i.e. truck and small car manufacturers as per the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association i.e. JAMA’s research.

            The European Union states Commercial vehicles to be those vehicles that are built so that they serve in transportation of people who pay money and as per the limit and goods as per fuel basics. Suzuki in Pakistan is a much loved and celebrated brand and people consider it not just economical but also comfortable and attractive. Its auto accessories and spare parts are also readily available in the country and for this reason people tend to buy Suzuki cars a lot as compared to German or Swedish cars whose parts are hardly ever found and which are extremely expensive.

            Suzuki is a major player and competes with Daimler, Honda, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota in terms of producing commercial automobiles. In Pakistan the quick seller Suzuki consumer vehicles remain the Mehran, Cultus, Alto, and Swift whereas for commercial transport Suzuki’s APV, Bolan and trucks are renowned. Currently the new Suzuki Power Sokon mini truck is for PKR 745,000 and the new Suzuki Bolan 2013 is for PKR 690,000.