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Suzuki Commercial vehicles

Lorry Truck

The Japanese automobile manufacturer ranked number ten amongst largest automobile manufacturers, Suzuki Motor Corporation is a global company with its core business in making automobiles, be it four-wheel vehicles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), motorbikes, engines; both marine and internal combustion engines and wheelchairs. The company creates employment opportunities for 45,000 people at the moment and operates worldwide in 23 countries with a 133 distributor network in 192 countries. The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) ranks Suzuki as number two in largest commercial vehicle namely trucks and small cars producers.

Performance vehicles built with the purpose of commuting of people who pay money for it or for the moving of goods from one destination to another are known as Commercial Vehicles . The European Union defines Commercial vehicles as vehicles that are functionally meant to serve in transporting anything, nine and no more people, or if goods then according to the set fuel standards.


Commercial Vehicle Characteristics:

  • Owned by companies.
  • Although registered in an individual proprietor’s name, the vehicle is for industrial purposes.
  • These vehicles belong to banks they are leased by.
  • The weight limit for commercial vehicles is beyond 26,001 pounds and this is what sets it apart from other vehicles.
  • Bulky and dangerous objects are moved using these vehicles.

Suzuki competes with Honda , Toyota , Daimler, Mercedes-Benz and a variety of other brands producing commercial transport. In Pakistan the most selling consumer vehicles remain the Mehran, Alto, Cultus and Swift. However amongst the Suzuki commercial vehicles the most popular are the Power Sokon Mini Trucks, the Suzuki Pickup and the Suzuki Bolan and APV. Currently the new Suzuki Power Sokon Mini Truck is for PKR 745,000, the new Suzuki Bolan 2013 is for PKR 690,000, the used Suzuki Bolan 2009 is for PKR 575,000, the used Suzuki Pickup 2010 is for PKR 700,000 and the used Suzuki Pickup 2008 is for PKR 520,000.