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Toyota Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Pakistan

Let’s Go Places

Toyota Motor Corporation is known as the largest automobile manufacture and twelfth biggest profit making company in the world. It was founded in 1937 by the Japanese entrepreneur, Kiichiro Toyoda. Toyota stepped into the commercial vehicle segment in mid 1950s by setting up a commercial dealership called Toyota Diesel Shop. Through this dealership, the Japanese automaker marketed various commercial platform forklifts, buses and trucks. After accomplishing its benchmarks in commercial vehicle production, Toyota Motor Corporation acquired the leading commercial automaker, Hino. Apart from that, Toyota retains 5.9% ownership of Isuzu, another big manufacturer of Japanese commercial vehicles.

Just like anywhere in the world, Toyota is equivalently popular and reputable in Pakistan. That is the reason why Toyota commercial vehicles are regarded as the most reliable to invest in. Authorized Toyota distributors are currently offering latest commercial vehicles for sale in the country.  

Main Commercial Vehicle Technologies from Toyota

Toyota retains a rich history in commercial vehicle production, and has continuously been improving them for better utility. In addition, the automaker has also been procuring and using automotive technologies from other companies. For example, WABCO Vehicle Control Systems provides many commercial vehicle components to Hino, the subsidiary of Toyota. These components include electronic brake systems, suspension systems, stability systems and transmission automation systems.

As Toyota is highly regarded for its wide range of mechanical engines, let us spotlight some of the most noticeable engine families. The first one that we should talk about is the B engine family, which is a series of inline-four diesel engines. Among these, the 2B and 3B are specifically used in commercial vehicles. Other engines employed by Toyota commercial vehicles are Toyota TR, Toyota KD, Toyota L, Toyota R, 3F, 1HZ, 2H, 1BZ, 12H, 3RZ and 1HD.

Popular Commercial Vehicles from Toyota

Although Toyota manufactures a wide range of commercial cars, not all of them are offered in Pakistani markets. Following models are highly favored in our region for public transportation and other commercial purposes.

Toyota Coaster – is a minibus launched by Toyota Motor Corporation in 1969. Even though the latest generation of this bus was introduced in 1993, it received two major facelifts in 2001 and 2007, respectively. In Pakistan, it has been engaged in inter-city public transportation for several decades. With full seating arrangement, this vehicle can accommodate up to 30 passengers.  

Toyota HiAce – is a full-size van produced in different body styles including pickup, double cab, van and minibus. Based on different body configurations and interior settings, it can be used for public transportation, cargo delivery, digital satellite news gathering, ambulance and heavy equipment carriage. The Toyota HiAce is produced across five generations and is one of the most popular Toyota commercial vehicles in Pakistan.

Toyota Hilux – is a small pickup truck that can be used for domestic as well as commercial purposes, depending on the body configuration you choose. Currently, Toyota is offering seventh generation of this vehicle in two-door and four-door body styles. The Toyota Hilux is used as a public transport vehicle, cargo delivery, police cab and ambulance.

Toyota TownAce – is a light commercial van which has been under production since 1970. In some regional markets including Pakistan, this van is also available as Toyota Lite-Ace. Just like Toyota Hilux, this van also comes in a range of body configurations, catering to different commercial purposes.

Availability of Toyota Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan

As mentioned above, Toyota is not offering its entire range of commercial vehicles in Pakistan. In fact, there are only three officially available in the country, which include Toyota HiAce, Toyota Coaster and Toyota Hilux.  

The Fact

Toyota is the most popular brand across Pakistan, when it comes to commercial vehicles. The basic reasons are competitive prices, reliable performance and easy availability.