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Well Priced Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Pakistan

The multipurpose vehicles are now preferred over ordinary cars by most Pakistani customers. Due to the rising expenses of owning a car in the country and the sheer size of an average family here, people prefer buying bigger cars to transport more people and cargo at once.

However, the true reason for their immense popularity is their commercial use. Commercial vehicles are mostly used to transport goods and passengers as a means to earn money. Be it towing, delivery services, or cab services, commercial vehicles are in great demand all over the country thanks to the number of business possibilities they open up for their owners.

Common uses of Commercial Cars

Small business startups are the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. With international investment witnessing a decline owing to the political turmoil in the country, local businesses have sprung up to fill the void.

One of the most common uses of commercial vehicles is cargo delivery – or being used as a minibus. The first car which got famous in Pakistan was the Suzuki Bolan, an age-old wagon by the Japanese automaker which still enjoys unparalleled popularity. The Bolan Minibus businesses sprung up all over Pakistan in the early ‘90s due to a lack of proper bus services, and still continue to enjoy widespread popularity.

This vehicle is also being widely used as rent-a-car. Small group of people usually look compact wagons for a few day's vacation, when they want to travel together and have fun instead of traveling in separate cars. By doing this, they save the hassle of driving themselves and focus on the fun part alone.

Commercial vehicles are also used by some private companies to provide transportation to their employees, and most firms maintain their own fleet of wagons for their staff’s commute.

Transport companies also use wagons to offer pick and drop facility at all major schools across the country. With the rising number of students being enrolled in schools, the school-owned transport facility is usually not enough to cater to all students. This is where privately-owned commercial vehicles step in and fill the deficit.

Furthermore, commercial vehicles are used for delivering all sorts of goods around the country. Be it taking manufactured goods from factories to retailers or vegetables, crops and fruit to vendors in the city from villages, commercial cars are entrusted with all the demanding tasks. Depending on the scale of operations, individuals and firms use different types of vehicles.

The Most Popular Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan

The two most popular commercial vehicle brands in the Pakistani markets are Suzuki and Toyota.


The Suzuki Bolan is beyond doubt perched firmly at the top of commercial vehicle's list both in terms of popularity and sales. It has firmly maintained its position at the apex ever since its launch in the ‘80s, thanks to its economical price, good fuel economy and nominal maintenance costs. However, recently imported Suzuki Every has slashed its market share. The other most famous model is Suzuki pickup. The Suzuki APV has been extremely successful in the Pakistani market; it is a perfect family car and is also being widely used as rent-a-car.   


Following close to Suzuki is the bigger more powerful Toyota Hiace Wagon, which has been used by private transporters all over the country for decades. The number of options in Hiace are plenty to cater to diverse needs of customers.

One promising new entrant in the market is FAW Carrier, which is slowly being penetrated in the market dominated by Japanese brands.

The Future is Bright

Due to little advancement in the powertrains and designs of locally available transport vehicles, people are now looking for more options. Japanese cars are being imported in greater numbers than ever. With the rise in demand of multi-purpose vehicles, local dealers are importing multitudes of Japanese MPVs, some of which include Toyota Fielder, Toyota Probox, Nissan Wingroad, Mazda Access and Honda Airwave.

As the importers have realized the potential that the commercial vehicle market holds, they are focusing on this automotive segment, this is the reason customers now have plenty of options to choose from.