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Trucks up to 7.5 feet

Truck in Pakistan

Pakistan’s roads are home to all types of vehicles. One can observe motorcycles, passenger cars, sports utility vehicles, commercial wagons and trucks on the country’s extensive road network. Trucks are the main means for transporting goods throughout the county. These vehicles are specially designed with separate passenger cabin and cargo area. Trucks vary greatly in size, configuration and power with the smaller ones being similar to large-size automobiles. On the other hand, commercial trucks can be very large and powerful, sometimes having special equipment mounted onto them for particular purposes as is the case with fire trucks and concrete mixers.

Cargo transport in Pakistan

The road network is used for transporting goods, commodities, crops, farm produce and sometimes even livestock up and down the country. This road network forms the heart of the transport system of the county. There are a number of vehicles used for the sole purpose of transferring goods in Pakistan, some of them are;

Lorry truck
  • Toyota has a number of pickups and trucks in its current vehicle lineup to cater to all types of business and commercial needs. First we have the Toyota HiAce Truck and HiAce H200 which are part of the Toyota HiAce family and enjoy a reputation for durability and consistent performance. Then there is Toyota Hilux and Toyota Dyna, which are medium and heavy weight transporters. Toyota vehicles are popular among business owners because of their quality, after sales service and the high return on investment.
  • Mazda Trucks are extremely popular in the country. These have a positive on-road driving experience in addition to reliable performance. One does not need to worry about vehicle break-down. Mazda Trucks keep their looks simple and focus on delivering performance every time.
  • Hinopak is the first Pakistani manufacturer to produce trucks which are in accordance with global Euro emissions standards. These vehicles are developed keeping in mind the mountainous Pakistani terrain to provide optimum performance. The company has range of automobiles ranging from Dutro – Light Duty Trucks to Prime movers. In addition to lower rate of emissions, the engine delivers high-fuel economy and powers to navigate the steep northern roads.
  • Other manufacturers like Nissan, Hyundai (Shehroze) and Daihatsu (Granmax) also manufacture trucks and

    pickup vans which are used in Pakistan. In addition, Chinese trucks like JAC Trucks, Sogo Pickup and FAW Carrier 1 can also be seen transporting goods around the country; they are economical and ideal for ownership by small business owners.