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10 Most Popular Cars in Pakistan: How Much Will They Cost You?

You’re in the market for a new car, but can’t decide whether new or used is a better fit for your budget.

In this post, we reveal the average prices for the 10 most common cars in Pakistan’s (top 10 cars in Pakistan) automotive market. Use the table below to help guide your next big purchase.

Fact: The Toyota Corolla is Pakistan’s most popular car. There were 12,875 Corollas sold in the country in the second half of 2013, according to figures from the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association. Here are top 10 cars in Pakistan.


Price Comparison Table: Buying New vs Buying Used


Toyota Corolla | Corolla | top 10 cars in pakistan
The Toyota Corolla is the most popular car in Pakistan.


[table]Car make and model, Average price: new, Estimated price: used

Toyota Corolla, “Gli Rs. 1,900,000”, “Gli Rs.1,480,000”

, “Xli Rs. 1,550,000”, “Xli Rs. 1,350,000”

Suzuki Mehran, “Rs. 620,000”, “Rs. 550,000”

Suzuki Cultus, “Rs. 1,100,000”, “Rs. 950,000”

Suzuki Swift, “Rs. 1,282,000”, “Rs. 1,050,000”

Suzuki Alto, “Rs. 950,000”, “Rs. 850,000”

Honda City, “Rs. 1,550,000”, “Rs. 1,400,000”

Honda Civic, “Rs. 2,470,000”, “Rs. 1,800,000”

Daihatsu Cuore, “Rs. 780,000”, “Rs. 675,000”

Toyota Vitz, “Rs. 1,550,000”, “Rs. 1, 290,000”

Suzuki Liana, “Rs. 1,550,000”, “Rs. 1,050,000″[/table]

Sources: Yaree Blog, Web.pk

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