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Honda Civic X 2016 Makes Highly Anticipated Debut

For car enthusiasts, this weekend ended with the exciting news of Honda Civic X (2016) model launch in Pakistan. The 10th generation Civic is yet to be released for public, hopefully soon; however, the small scale launch event has given us some idea of as to what Civic X might have in store for us. Amidst post-launch revelations and speculation, following can be attributed as salient of the 2016 Honda Civic model, at least for now:

The Two Models

Civic X is making debut in two distinct models, namely, the 1.8L Oriel and 1.5L Turbo. Both the models are an automatic or self-shifting transmission, integrated with MacPherson Strut Front Suspension and Multi-Link Rear Suspension systems. The basic difference, besides many other secondary ones, is the varying engine capacity in both the models, offering different horsepower respectively.

1.8 Oriel:

The 1.8L offers the horsepower (HP) of 141 at the rate of 6,500 revolutions per minute (RPM).

1.5 Turbocharged:

1.5L Turbocharged variant produces 173 HP at the rate of 5,500 RPM.

The Exterior and design

Honda Civic 2016 exterior in Pakistan

1.8L and 1.5L also have many similar features. For example, the two are said to be equipped with airbags for both the driver and passenger seats; both the models have sunroofs, fog lamps and 215/55 R16 size, alloy wheels. The 10th generation cars do not come with LED headlights unlike their counterparts internationally.

The color for Civic X runs the gamut from red, blue, black, and white to silver.

The interior

With armrest covered in leather and inside door panels designed with aluminum inlays, the Honda Civic X is said to be fashioned keeping comfort and luxury in mind. The rear seats are significantly spacious. The dashboard of this car also made from a good quality material, giving the surface noticeably smooth touch.  Over all, the material used in the new model has been widely admired by those who have had the chance to the debuted cars.  Honda Civic X is said to have has excluded the handbrake lever along with the stick-shift. In place of the lever, there is going to be a button. Talk about convenience! The new model will also have smart key access as one of the standard features, along with push button start, which adds up to safety features for the car. The 1.5l model also offers the remote engine start option and semi-automatic transmission (SAT) or paddle gear shift mounted on the steering wheel.

Honda Civic 2016 interior in Pakistan

Both 1.8L and 1.5L will have airbags for the driver as well as passenger seats but no side airbags, unlike international counterparts.

Both the models will have LCD display units. The standard size of this display head unit for 1.5L is said to be 7 inches with navigation while for 1.8L it is going to have a 5-inch display without the added advantage of navigation facility.

Brake system and Traction Facility

Adding to the list of standard features is the Auto Brake Hold (ABH). ABH system facilitates the auto-transmission cars to hold on to the rear braked even after the brake pedal is released, and keeps the car in gear but steady until the accelerator pedal is pushed. This feature especially comes in handy in a crowded space where one has to push the brakes multiple times.

Another feature that made it to the list is Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) that is similar in both the models. VSA provides extra assistance in the following situations by regulating engine’s output and brake system: it will help stabilize your vehicle during cornering if it turns more or less than you intended for; the feature will also provide assistance in maintaining traction on those road surfaces where it is otherwise easy to lose control of your car, for example, slippery roads.

The Hill Start Assist (HSA) in both the models is another useful feature that will provide assistance when on a slope, whether you’re parked or driving uphill. By helping the driver switch from brake to accelerator, HAS will prove significantly helpful in reversing the car on a slope.

Optional Features


In addition to all the standard features, Honda also offers its users some optional features that they can avail by paying extra bucks, should they like.

One such feature is the option of a glass or ceramic coating to provide that extra cushion of safety to brand new cars. For 1.8L users a 7-inch display unit with navigation will be an optional feature, which will definitely cost more should they decide to upgrade the inbuilt 5-inch display.

In 1.5L Turbo, the feature of Rear Environment System is also optional. 1.8L Oriel will not have this option at all. Both the models, however, will have ducts in the rear seat for air conditioning.

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