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Islamabad Motorway Police Introduce Driving Simulators to Instruct Drivers

Driving in Pakistan is not an easy feat as we have to drive among motorcycles, rickshaws, cars, buses, trucks, cycles, donkey carts and what not. In such circumstances, motorists have to be extra vigilant on the road. It appears that the government echoes the same thoughts and is playing its part to ensure safe driving in the country.

Driving Simulation

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Driving Simulator Credit: Duniya TV

While the government is working on a new auto policy, the National Highways and Motorway Police in Islamabad has introduced a Safe Driving Training Institute to ensure safety of drivers as well as facilitate an enhanced training method to educate prospective drivers. Keeping in line with international safety standards, the driving school has launched advanced car simulator, incorporating 3D technology, to support learners by giving them a more practical setting to practice their driving skills. Bringing genuine road scenarios to life, this up-to-date driving simulator training is nothing like the conventional training method most of you are accustomed to. However, before you even get to the car driving simulator, there are a ton of things you need to familiarize yourself with, so you can make optimum use of this machine.


Simulators to Train Drivers | Driving Simulator
Simulator to Train Drivers

So, what exactly makes this recent approach more sensible and safe you may wonder? Well, to begin with, you get to test your driving skills on a machine that mimics actual road situations, thus eliminating the risk of you hitting anyone which is very probable in traditional driving training. So now that you know you don’t have to get into a real car and hit the road, how will you ever learn to drive without any obstacles in your way? Not to worry, as the car driving simulator allows you to pick or even create your own scenarios, which make it all the more effective for you to practice your abilities in specific circumstances.

One of the biggest advantages for those learning to drive via simulators is that every student’s driving session with the simulator is kept on record. These recordings make it easier for certified instructors to guide their students by replaying the sessions and analyzing different situations from multiple angles as well as evaluating the student’s reaction upon encountering various hurdles.


Islamabad Motorway Police | National Highways & Motorway Police
Islamabad Motorway Police

One major concern for potential drivers would be how much this new state-of-the-art car driving session will cost them. There is no denying that the new driver training approach will cost considerably more than the standard driving lessons, as it involves hi-tech machinery, not to mention the qualified individuals hired to train you. So, you should be mentally prepared to pay some extra bucks, and considering the benefits, it will definitely be worth it. Another concern that some of you may harbor is, whether this kind of training is easily accessible. Well, depending upon your location, choice of vehicle and the kind of road you are likely to drive on, the simulators will vary from one driving school to another and not all of them may possess the one you are seeking. Therefore, you may do well by inquiring ahead of time about various driving schools and the simulators they use to train beginners, so you can register for the one that best suits your criteria and help you get the driving license.

Overall, learning to drive on a virtual machine that imitates real life conditions seems thrilling and challenging. So, all you new to-be drivers, gear up for some excitement and take on this one of its kind road experience to a whole new level.


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