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Volvo Introduces Luxury Buses for Lahore-Islamabad Bus Service

The News comes days after Volvo announced re-entry into Pakistan through local subsidiary Volvo Pakistan Limited, with a new luxury bus service to drive passengers from Lahore Islamabad using state of the art buses. 

Each bus is to have only twenty-one seats, all of which are recliners. It does not stop here, each of the seats has its own dish TV movie bank, a music bank, and a laptop charging port. Now we won’t have to worry about charging our laptop batteries before starting a journey!

While the above stated are all nice facilities to have in just a bus service, the reader must feel that it is far from “luxurious”. Here’s the deal: besides individual movie & music bank, and a charging port, each bus has a small kitchen like setup with a stove; and a toilet onboard as well. No more waiting for a stopover between those cold drink sessions. And the food is better than what some of the domestic airlines serve, so they say. Luxurious, isn’t it?

As stated earlier, the non-stop bus service is only operating between Lahore and Islamabad for now, but according to authorities once the Karachi motorway is complete, they plan to start their service to Karachi as well. The Lahore terminal is located at Fortress Stadium and the one in Islamabad is at the junction of Rawalpindi and Kashmir highway. Below you will see  exclusive images of the Volvo Luxury bus’s interior. 

Spacious seats of the Volvo Bus Pakistan
Seating Arrangement of the Volvo Luxury Bus


Spacious leg room
Spacious Leg Room


Dashboard with Modern Interior Features: Volvo Luxury bus interior
Dashboard with Modern Interior Features


Vovlo Luxury bus Spacious aisel inside the bus
Spacious aisle inside the bus
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