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motorcycle for sale | Motorcycles for sale in Pakistan

Motorcycles for Sale in Pakistan

In a developing country like Pakistan motorcycles are a popular mode of transport. For many, they are the only means of getting from one place to another. Thus, these vehicles are a big part of their owner’s lives. Even today, motorcycles present their owners with the freedom to express their tastes, personalities in a unique way.

Changing trends

For the longest time, motorbikes were used to provide economical transport to their owners. However, the motorcycle industry is experiencing a change in trends. With the increase in the affluence of people, some people have moved away from buying these vehicles while others have entered the market due to increased incomes and hence there is an upsurge in the number bikes bought. The other notable change is the shift towards higher engine powered models. Luxury and sports bikes are slowly making their way into the market. These are in high demand by urban elite and wealthy people.

The Prominent Motorcycle Manufacturers in Pakistan

In Pakistan, it is not difficult to find motorcycles that are in demand and affordable as the major motorcycle manufacturers are focused on bringing the lineup features as pragmatic as possible, such as fuel friendly, weather firendly, terrain adapted and more importantly affordable by majority of people. 

Some of the most popular motorcycle brands in Pakistan are Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. Many advanced models like, CD 70 , CG 125 , GTO, Piaggio, RP, Hayabusa, Sprinter, UD, US are also available

Motorcycle Brands in Lahore

It is common to see motorcycles on the roads in Lahore. They are the perfect solution to navigate through traffic clogged roads of the city. The most popular motorcycle brands in Lahore are Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. These are more popular due to their affordability and durability. Honda is the first choice for many because of its design, efficiency and the sound of acceleration which is a hit among bike lovers.

Motorcycle Prices:

Motorcycle users can be divided into three major groups. First group consists of those on a very restricted budget, these usually buy local bikes. The second have less budgetary constraints and go for Japanese bikes. The third group are high end users who buy luxury and sports bikes mainly for leisure purposes.

  • China bikes: between Rs. 41, 000 to Rs. 50, 000
  • Yamaha bikes: starting from Rs. 50, 000 up to Rs. 100, 000
  • Honda bikes: starting from Rs. 67, 000
  • Suzuki bikes: starting from Rs. 80, 000

New or Used Motorcycles? What To Buy

What you actually buy depends on your budget, tastes and needs. People usually prefer to buy new motorcycles instead of secondhand ones to avoid the costs and headaches of maintenance. In addition, the market for used bikes is not that well developed and there are a few trusted dealers available.