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Honda Motorcycles price

Honda Motorcycles for Sale in Pakistan

Honda, along with Toyota is one of the biggest automakers not only in Japan but in the world. Honda is the biggest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world and the automobile company which manufactures the highest number of engines in the world. Honda Motors Co. was founded in 1946 in Hamamatsu, Japan where its corporate headquarters are located presently. Hamamatsu is home to many technology companies, including Hamamatsu Photonics, famous for its cameras, microscopes and telescopes. Honda is the only non American company to fabricate cars in the United States and then export it from there to other countries. Apart from Nissan and Toyota, Honda is the only Japanese company in the top ten automobile manufacturers.

Performance and Technology of Honda Motorcycles

Honda is the most technologically advanced company in Japan and probably in the world as well. They even manufacture space technology equipment in collaboration with General Electric co. Apart from cars and motorcycles Honda produces robots, power equipment and solar cells as well and this technological prowess and diversity is reflected in the Honda cars as well. Honda was one of the pioneers automakers in the world to introduce fuel cell, hybrid, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and plug-in vehicles. The Honda vehicles are as well known for their quality as they are for their technological sophistication.

Popular Models of Honda Motorcycles

Honda released several popular models over the years which became instant customer favorites both at the local and export markets. Honda produced a wide range of products including motorcycles, boats, heavy machinery and musical instruments. Honda is still the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world by volume. The most popular models however are the models designed for urban usage. These models include but are not limited to the CD 70, the CG 125, and the CG 100.

  • CG 125: The Honda CG 125 was first introduced in 1976 for the Japanese markets. After arriving to Pakistan in late 80s, it became the most favorite ride of the consumers within no time. The manufacturing and assembly of Honda 125 started in Pakistan in 1987 and in 2014 Honda released the dream edition to commemorate 40 years of Honda in Pakistan
  • CD70: The CD70 is truly the prince of motorcycles if the CG 125 is the king. It is the most economical motorcycle on the market and truly the number one choice of students and working class. The CD70 boasts the fuel efficiency of 70 km per litre which is in fact the basis of the name CD70 given to this bike by Honda.

Availability of Honda Motorcycles in Pakistan

Honda bikes are readily available in Pakistani cities and have been assembled in Pakistan for a long time now. The parts, labor and after sales services are omnipresent as well and used as well as new models can be found conveniently at the dealers or from private sellers.

Interesting Facts about Honda motorcycles

Honda was founded in 1941 by Soichiro Honda who never had formal technical or engineering education but started working as a piston ring supplier to Toyota Motors Co. After the Second World War Honda was liquidated and was bought by Toyota and stopped existing. In 1946 it was founded as a motorcycle manufacturing company but that did not work either and the company failed. It was refounded a third time as Honda Motors Co. and started manufacturing cars and this time it worked and gradually they became automobile giants. An impressive collection of very reasonably priced Honda motorcycles can be found here.