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Kawasaki motorcycles for sale in Pakistan

Kawasaki Motorcycles for Sale in Pakistan

Kawasaki motorcycles are fabricated by the Motorcycle and Engine division of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries which is a publicly traded Japanese multinational vehicle, power equipment and motorcycle manufacturer. Kawasaki motorcycles are manufactured by the Kawasaki Motorcycle and Engine Co. which is the motorcycle division of the Japanese automobile and automotive manufacturer Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The company manufacturers many diverse products like all terrain vehicles, leisure boat engines and general purpose gasoline devices and markets it in the domestic Japanese as well as export market. Kawasaki started manufacturing motorcycles in 1953 when they converted their aircraft manufacturing expertise to motorcycle fabrication. A huge collection of Kawasaki motorcycles can be found here.   

Performance and Technology of Kawasaki Motorcycles

Kawasaki started out as a shipbuilding company but very soon they started manufacturing all other kinds of heavy equipment and machinery including power plants, turbines and engines. Not long after they diversified into aircraft manufacturing before the second world war and during the second world war manufactured fighter aircrafts for the Japanese military. After the war, they used all this technological expertise to make all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, tractors, trains, small engines and aerospace equipments. Kawasaki is one of the main suppliers of aircraft parts to Boeing for its humungous X777 aircraft.

Popular Models of Kawasaki Motorcycles

Although Kawasaki fabricates all sorts of machinery, it is perhaps best known as a motorcycle manufacture because this product directly touches the public. Some of the iconic models produced by Kawasaki are the GTO, the Vulcan and the super Sherpa.

Along with Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha, Kawasaki is one of the top motorcycle manufacturers in Japan and one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Let’s have a look at some of the iconic Kawasaki model.s

  • GTO: The Kawasaki GTO is perhaps the most recognizable motorcycle ever made by Kawasaki or by any other manufacturer for that matter. The GTO is so successful that it is no longer a model, it has become a brand in itself and has spawned the GTO 110, 125, 440 and 550 models of its own.
  • Vulcan: The Vulcan is a fuel injected shaft driven cruiser motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki between 1999 and 2012. It is still being manufactured under the name of Estrella by Kawasaki for the European, Asian and the North American markets. Estrella is a Spanish word which means Star in English

Availability of Kawasaki Motorcycles in Pakistan

Kawasaki bikes are a part and parcel of the Pakistani road cultures. The GTO 110 and GTO 125 are primarily used by students to go to the college and back commute, however the 440 and the 550 are more used for recreational purposes as are the Vulcans and the Super Sherpas. The price varies between 45,000 PKR to 350,000 PKR for a Kawasaki Ninja for example depending on the model, condition and the mileage.

Interesting Facts about Kawasaki motorcycles

Kawasaki was founded as a shipbuilding company and initially did not manufacture bikes. After the second world war, they partnered a failing motorcycle manufacturing company the Meguro International Motorcycle company which was named after a district in Tokyo. The Meguro company failed but Kawasaki acquired the rights to make bikes and bought out the company and for the first time used a four stroke small engine that they have developed for some other purpose in a motorcycle. Thus the Kawasaki motorcycle and engines division of the Kawasaki heavy industries was born. An impressive collection of very reasonably priced Kawasaki motorcycles can be found here.