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Metro Motorcycle Pakistan

Metro motorcycle Pakistan is a local brand producing a number of models to cater to the varying needs of Pakistani customers. Targeted towards the low-income group, all the motorbikes from Metro are dependable, fuel efficient and better looking compared to others in the market. The current lineup includes Metro MR 70, Metro MR 70 Jeet, Metro Boom Euro II 70, Metro Dabang Euro II 70 and Metro MR-125.

Technologies and Innovations from Metro Pakistan

In terms of engine power, metro is not different from others, however, it is committed to contribute toward environment. Two of its latest models follow European emission standards for the exhausts limit from bikes. The company has also worked hard on the design elements to make its motorcycles look different from others. It is one of the first brands to provide digital speedometer for a 70cc motorcycle i.e. MR 70. Other equipment which makes it look different from other motorbikes include indicators (they are oval now), break light (stretched and broader), headlight, smart side mirrors, and new monogram.

Popular Metro Models in Pakistan

As mentioned earlier, the Metro motorcycle brand has introduced 5 models so far, all of which are affordable and reliable. Let's discuss each of them briefly:

Metro MR 70 - The first bike from Metro that hit the Pakistani markets has a wet sump, single cylinder, four stroke, two valves, air cooled with SOHC (Single Over Head Cam) chain drive engine with 4-speed constant mesh transmission system. Other notable features include attractive, colorful speedometer, kick starter system, beautiful indicators, better gear lever appearance for smooth shifting, multi coated chemically treated chassis and fuel tank to last longer against rust, two color options (Red and Black), durable and comfortable seat and fuel tank capacity of 9.0L.

Metro MR 70 Jeet - Having the same engine as present in its predecessor, the Jeet is 1,885mm long, 760mm wide, and 990mm tall; and has a dry weight of 82 Kg. Other reliable features comprise of speedometer, odometer, indicator lights, neutral position indicator, turn signal indicator and an ON/OFF switch. The Metro MR70 Jeet is one of the best in its class with its robust engine, strong built, dependable fuel system, sleek appearance and a consistent torque (max) of 5.39 N-m@6,500rpm/min.

Metro Boom Euro II 70 - This Metro motorcycle comes equipped with a Euro II compliant engine to give better mileage and low carbon emissions. With 82 KG weight, it provides 135 mm ground clearance.

Metro Dabang Euro II 70 - Another Euro II compliant, Dabang is a reliable, fuel efficient and stylish motorbike from the manufacturer. Other notable features are quite the same as offered in MR 70.

Metro MR-125 - The only 125cc displacement motorcycle from Metro retains wet sump, single cylinder, four stroke, two valves, air cooled OHV type engine with four speed constant mesh. It gives better ground clearance (140mm) than other bikes in the lineup. Its close competitor in the Pakistani market is Super Power SP 125.   

Metro Motorcycle Price in Pakistan

For latest metro motorcycle price in Pakistan 2014 and 2015 , please refer to the table below:


Metro Bikes Prices

Current Price

Price  Updated On

Metro MR 70

PKR 38,500


Metro MR 70 Jeet

PKR 39,500


Metro Boom Euro II 70

PKR 42,000


Metro Dabang Euro II 70

PKR 44,500


Metro MR-125

PKR 70,000




Facing a strong competition from Japanese motorcycle brands, Metro has done well in the last few years offering most fuel efficient and better looking bikes in the market. Metro is giving a tough time to its close competitors including Unique, United, Road Prince and Ravi.