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Metro MR 70 for Sale in Pakistan

The Metro Motorbikes Company is a relatively new entrant in the motorbike industry. Manufacturing economical motorcycles, the company has earned a very good reputation among low-income customers. Metro Motorbike has introduced 3 models until now; Metro 70cc, Metro 100cc, Metro 125cc. There are a number of models in 70cc category including Metro MR 70, Metro MR 70 Jeet, Metro Boom Euro II 70, Metro Dabang Euro II 70, all featuring different design elements. Here are:

5 Things To Know Before Buying Metro MR 70 in Pakistan

1. What is Metro MR 70 Specification?

The Metro MR70 carries a 4 Stroke SOHC, Air Cooled, Single Cylinder engine paired with 4-Speed Transmission System that delivers an amazing performance. The powerful engine ensures smooth drive as well as excellent fuel economy,

2. What is Metro MR 70 Fuel Consumption?

The Metro 70 is known to give an average of over 55 km/L, which is not bad for a 70cc bike. This fuel average makes it preferable for people who travel on daily basis.

3. Check Metro MR 70 Review of Exterior Design

The Metro MR 70 employs a very attractive design for a bike that carries such a low price tag. While the standard MR 70 and Metro MR 70 Jeet have a simple design, the Metro MR 70 Dabang and Metro MR 70 Boom have a very sporty and muscular design. The MR 70 is one of the few bikes in Pakistan that feature a digital speedometer.

4. What Makes Metro MR 70 Unique in its Class?

The best thing about the Metro MR70 bike is its affordable price tag, making it the first choice of the low income group. The fuel economy and the appealing design are also a plus point.

5. What is Metro MR 70 Price in Pakistan?

The Metro MR 70 2015 and Metro Boom Euro II are available at a price of PKR 39,000, while the Metro MR 70 Jeet can be bought for PKR 39,500.

Our Final Remarks on Metro MR 70

The Metro MR70 faces competition from Honda CD 70 and Unique UD 70. Though, the competitors are more advanced, but they are not that cheap. If you are on a budget, we advise you to go for the Metro MR 70.