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Motorcycles in Punjab


The vast province of Punjab enjoys a varied terrain with huge tracts of fertile plains, semi-arid dry zone in the south and low rising hills and plateaus in the north. The region is covered with an extensive road network which connects all districts together. This makes travelling and exploring the province easy and fun. In addition, this topography provides the people of Punjab with greater freedom to choose whether they want to own motorcycles, automobiles or SUVs as all perform remarkably well on the paved roads. Lahore, the provincial capital is its main center of history, culture, administration and commerce.

Reasons for purchasing a motorcycle

A motorcycle provides freedom of movement to their owners whether they reside in urban supercenters of Punjab or in towns and villages. People usually buy a motorcycle in Punjab because it falls within the person’s budget and is an economical mean of transport. Initial investment is affordable and popular brands have low running and maintenance bills. Considering the ever increasing petroleum prices in the country, this is a huge positive for the owners. In addition, motorcycles provide better grip and handling on the unpaved village roads. Only a selected people purchase bikes for recreational purposes.

Popular motorcycles brands

Honda bike

Locally manufactured bikes are very popular in the province as these are the most economically option available. Next there are motorcycles from Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki which are owned and used by people with less budgetary constraints. Lastly there are luxury, sports and heavy motorcycles for the bike enthusiast.

Maintenance tips

  • Make sure you follow the manufacturers’ recommended maintenance schedule.
  • Check the tires, lights, indicators, chain tension and lubrication regularly.
  • After every 3 months, change engine oil and filter.
  • Never compromise on the quality of service parts. Always use the best available, this will ensure the longevity of the vehicle.