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Motorcycles in Lahore


Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab is rich in culture, tradition, architecture and history. It is a city bustling with life. There is always some festival, sporting, cultural or literary event taking place in the metropolis. The city’s streets are alive with traffic almost around the clock. The well-constructed road network connects all areas of the city. Different types of vehicles are seen on the roads ranging from executive cars from Mercedes-Benz to practical sedans from Suzuki. The streets are abuzz with motorbikes, cycles and rickshaws.

Motorcycles a galore!

Motorcycles account for a bulk of traffic vehicles on Lahore’s roads. The local motorbike market caters effectively to the ever-growing demand for these vehicles. From standard street bikes to heavy bikes or sports bikes , all kinds are easily available. Locally manufactured motorcycles and Japanese brands both are a common sight on the roads.

Suzuki – A Japanese manufacturer appreciated for its cars in the country is also loved for its motorcycle range. They offer the entire range from street bikes to sports bikes. From the GD 110 which is targeted towards the youth to the Hayabusa sports bike, the company offers something for everyone.

Motorbike in Lahore

Honda – The brand is popularly known for the 70cc and 125cc models it manufactures, which are the first choice for many in the country at large. These are durable, reliable and provide excellent fuel economy. Starting from the practical, street-smart CD 70 to the Pridor for all types of terrains and the Deluxe for the young and high income group, Honda caters to all consumer segments.

Kawasaki – This Japanese bike manufacturer producing all categories of motorcycles from standard to dual-sports to cruiser to touring. Backed by Japanese technologies and engineering, these are good investments, however, in the local market these are seen in limited numbers usually owned by bike lovers or urban elites.