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Road Prince Motorcycles for Sale in Pakistan

Road Prince is one of the most popular local motorbike manufacturers in Pakistan offering three different two-wheelers to the consumers, which include Road Prince RP 70, Road Prince Bullet and Road Prince RP 110. Road Prince focuses on manufacturing motorcycles suitable for low-income group. With an in-depth understanding of the culture and requirements of the local population, the company blends the latest aerodynamic designs and super economy power to provide cost-effective motorbikes.

Technologies and Innovations from Road Prince Pakistan

Road Prince motorbikes have gained popularity amongst the locals due to their unmatched performance, consistent durability, ultimate convenience and utmost comfort. With spacious and physically powerful seats and strong shock absorbers that can easily tolerate bumps and jerks on the road, these motorcycles are ideal for uneven and rough Pakistani roads.

The diligent and talented engineers at Road Prince have combined Japanese technology for an advanced engine that gives formidable power using minimal petrol. If you are looking for an economical solution for your daily transportation, that gives you solid power and efficient mileage, Road Prince motorcycle is for you.

Popular Road Prince Motorcycles in Pakistan

Road Prince RP 70 - The Road Prince 70 holds a super econo power, 4-stroke engine with 4-speed transmission system that provides economical and smooth drive. Other notable features include bright head and back lights, kick starter system, new mud flap, strong side cover with lock, double spring shakes, attractive speedometer, 9 liter petrol tank capacity, 55 km in 1L, available in two colors (Red and Black), comfortable seats, and newly designed graphics.

Road Prince Passion 70

It is an updated 70cc bike with an improved design and better fuel economy. It has the same 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled engine as owned by its predecessor.

Road Prince 70 Price in Pakistan

The price of the Road Prince 70 varies between PKR 24,000 to PKR 30,000 (2013 and 2014 models). The Road Prince Passion price starts from PKR 40,000.

Road Prince RP-70 for sale

Road Prince Passion for sale

Road Prince Bullet - The Road Prince Bullet 70 is known among local motorcycles for its brilliant performance on the road. It is powered by an air cooled 4-stroke single cylinder engine with a displacement of 70cc. The engine is assisted by a 4-speed constant mesh transmission with a manual wet plate style clutch and kick starter. The fuel tank has a maximum fuel capacity of 10.5 liters. The minimum ground clearance of the Road Prince bike is 135 mm. The flexible suspension system provides a smooth ride even on uneven terrains. This is an emission friendly motorbike which helps keeping the environment green. The 4-stroke engine sips petrol at a very low rate, thus it is very economical to run. The maintenance is also not an issue, as spare parts are easily available across the country.

Bullet Bike Price in Pakistan

The Road Prince Bullet 2015 price is PKR 44,500. However, it can be purchased for around PKR 43,500 at Carmudi. Check our listings to contact with the dealers.

Road Prince Bullet for sale in Pakistan

Road Prince 110 - The RP 110 has a 4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled engine mated to constant-mesh 4-speed with multi-plate clutch type. With a tagline of 'Aub Lagay Ga Jackpot', the Road Prince RP 110 cc is the most economical bike in its category. The model recently has been replaced by Road Prince Jackpot.

Road Prince RP 110 Price in Pakistan

The Road Prince RP-110 2015 price is around PKR 45,000 in Pakistan.

Road Prince 110cc for sale in Pakistan

Road Prince Jackpot

The Road Prince Jackpot 2015 is a 110cc motorbike which is not only stylish but also extremely economical. The bike competes with Honda Pridor which sells at PKR 86,000.

Road Prince Jackpot Price in Pakistan

The Price of this 110cc motorbike starts from PKR 47,000. Check the listing below to buy this motorbike for around PKR 45,000.

Road Prince Jackpot for sale in Pakistan

Road Prince 125 Euro 2

The Road Prince RP 125 is a Euro 2 compliant motorcycle which uses Capacitor Discharge Ignition system. This Road Prince bike competes with Honda CG 125 with a price tag way low than its competitor.

Road Prince 125 Price in Pakistan 2015

The Road Prince 125 price starts from PKR 72,000. Dealers at Carmudi are offering it for PKR 71,000, so do not hesitate to contact with them.

Road Prince 125 Euro 2 for sale in Pakistan

Road Prince Twister

The Road Prince Twister 2015 is a stylish 125cc bike which competes closely with Yamaha YBR 125 and Honda CG Dream 125. It has a 4 Stroke, single cylinder, over head value, air cooled, with emission control unit which produces 8.3 kw and 9.2 Nm of torque.

Road prince Twister price in Pakistan

The Road Prince Twister 125cc price in Pakistan is PKR 112,000. Dealers at carmudi are selling it for PKR 104,000.

Road Prince Twister for sale in Pakistan

Road Prince Wego

The Road Prince Wego 150cc is a stylish sports bike and is probably one of the best offerings in the sports motorcycle segment of Pakistan. It has a single cylinder, 4-Stroke SOC 149cc engine paired with 5-speed transmission.

Road Prince Wego Price

The Road Prince Wego bike 2015 price starts from PKR 185,000.

Road Prince Price in Pakistan

Road Prince Price in Pakistan 2015

For your convenience, we are listing the official prices of all the Road Prince motorcycles below.

  • Road Prince 70: PKR 30,000 (2014 model)
  • Road Prince Passion: PKR 40,000
  • Road Prince Bullet: PKR 44,500
  • Road Prince 110: PKR 45,000
  • Road Prince Jackpot: PKR 86,000
  • Road Prince 125: PKR 72,000
  • Road Prince Twister: PKR 112,000
  • Road Prince Wego: PKR 185,000


The Road Prince is a dependable, cheap and expedient brand for everyday transportation. Its motorcycles can run equally well on all type of terrains. It gives an efficient and comfy travel experience even on the bumpiest of terrains which makes it appropriate for use in both city and countryside areas of Pakistan. Remarkable color scheme and graceful design of these bikes add to their list of qualities. The most noteworthy aspect of the Road Prince, however, is its rational value and low fuel consumption. The Road Prince motorcycles challenge Eagle Fire Bolt, Ravi Humsafar and Pak Hero PK 70 in the Pakistani market.