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Road Prince RP 70 for Sale in Pakistan

Road Prince Auto Industries (PVT) Ltd. has been manufacturing motorcycles in Pakistan since 1995. Having a team of professional engineers and big network of sales, it is one of the leading motorcycle and rickshaw producers in Pakistan. The Road Prince 70 and Road Prince Bullet are the top models designed by the company. They are famous in both big and small cities including Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Lahore, Gujranwala and Faisalabad. Here are:

10 Things To Know Before Buying Road Prince RP 70 in Pakistan

1. What are Road Prince RP 70 Motorcycle Specs?

The Road Prince RP 70 2015 comes equipped with a 4 Stroke OHC, air cooled, single cylinder engine with 70cc displacement and 4-speed transmission system. This Road Prince motorcycle offers a smooth and trouble-free ride and is suitable to drive at higher speeds.

2. What is Road Prince RP 70 Fuel Consumption?

Owners of the Road Prince 2015 model have reported that the fuel average is around 55km/L, which is good for people who need to travel on daily basis.

3. What is Road Prince RP 70 Top Speed?

The Road Prince 2015 is capable to achieve a top speed of around 90 km/h to 100 km/h. When you have to reach on work on time or attend an important meeting, RP70 can be your best companion.

4. Check Road Prince RP 70 Review of Exterior Design

The fascinating yet simple design of the Road Prince 70 2015 comprises of a bright head lamp and tail lamp, new mud flap, strong side cover with lock, comfortable seat, a stylish speedometer gauge, double spring shakes and a utility box. The Road Prince 70cc can be recognized easily because of its elegant design, the muscular look and the vibrant color scheme.

5. What Road Prince Bike Colors are Available?

It is available in two striking colors including Black and Blue. Blue being a sportier choice is more preferred by youngsters.

6. Are Road Prince RP 70 Parts Easily Accessible in Every City?

The Road Prince offers an impressive customer service. All the required spare parts for your RP 70 can be bought from the company’s official dealers which can be found in all the provinces.

7. Road Prince RP 70 vs Unique UD 70

The RP 70 and UD 70 both carry the same 70cc engine, but the RP 70 being cheaper than the UD 70 is preferred more by middle class Pakistanis. You may not find much difference between the two.

8. Should You Buy Road Prince RP 70 in Pakistan?

The Road Prince RP70 motorcycle combines affordability and reliability. The high strength shock observers provide a flawless drive on roads with bumps and jerks and ensure a comfortable ride. In addition to attaining great speed and offer soft handling, the engine is also fuel efficient; hence the motorbike is preferred by working class Pakistanis who travel often. Check our listings to buy new and used RP 70 bikes in your city.

9. What Makes Road Prince RP 70 Best in its Class?

The comfortable seat and the powerful suspension are the distinguishable features of this Road Prince motorcycle. The premium spacious seat ensures great comfort on long journeys. The engine is powerful as well as fuel efficient and eco-friendly.

10. What is Road Prince Price in Pakistan?

The Road Prince 70 2015 model is available in all major cities of Pakistan from the official dealers carrying a price tag of PKR 39,500/-, while the Road Prince Bullet 70 is priced at PKR 44,000. Other 70cc bikes such as United US 70, Unique UD 70 and Super power SP 70 are more expensive than the Road Prince 70, hence the price factor makes it more preferable for low-income group.

Our Final Remarks on Road Prince RP 70

The new Road Prince 2015 is one of the most reasonable bikes available in the Pakistani markets. It is cheap and offers all the features you would need in a motorcycle from stylish design to great performance and perfect handling.