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Sport touring bikes

sport touring bike

If you ever wanted to own a vehicle which was a sports bike cum touring-motorcycle, then sports touring bikes provide you with the perfect solution. These bikes are made to provide the comfort and relative safety of a touring bike along with the performance of a sports bike. Engine designs are usually modified a little to provide better mid-range torque than only high horsepower. These vehicles are for people having a passion for high performing, high speed riding motorcycles.

Models to look out for

Honda sport touring bike

The Kawasaki ZRX 1200R, stands out from the crowd because of its classic 80’s look and extremely powerful engine. The ZRX handles well, accelerates smoothly and brakes strongly. This vehicle is a great all rounder with a straight upright position it is ideal for touring and comfortable enough to allow for 1000km rider a day. In addition, the Kawasaki Ninja 650R ABS is a stylish bike which is low to provide an easy foot down position. It is comfortable to ride around in and boasts of a powerful engine which is very quiet at idle yet provides boosts of energy when required. The finish is superb and consumers are impressed with fuel economy.

Another motorcycle which is an absolute pleasure to ride is the Suzuki GSX650F. It has a natural and extremely comfortable posture which allows for long outings without any side-effects on one’s lower back. The bike has comfort, looks, style and performance combined together as one whole package. Users like the effective braking, handling and pickup speed. Then, there is also the Honda Honda CBF1000 which will weave through main city traffic and take you for an enjoyable rife on the quiet back roads. This vehicle’s power delivery is smooth, strong and plentiful making it fun to ride. Comfortable, reliable and efficient, this motorcycle is a great addition to anyone’s garage.