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Suzuki bikes for sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Motorcycles in Pakistan

Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese Automaker, founded in 1937, headquartered in Minami-ku, Hamamatsu, Japan. It specializes in manufacturing motorcycles, four-wheel drive vehicles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), wheelchairs, outboard marine engines and a variety of other small internal combustion engines. It is among top 10 automakers in the world in terms of production, manufacturing 2.4 million vehicles annually. It is also Japan’s second largest manufacturer of small cars and trucks. It owns a global network with 35 main production facilities in 23 countries and 133 distributors in 192 countries. Suzuki is one of the most popular brands in the Pakistani markets and consumers are always looking for Suzuki motorcycles and cars for sale in Pakistan..

Performance and Technology of Suzuki Motorcycles

Suzuki, being one of the world’s most successful motorcycle brands, enjoys a reputation as a market leader in motorcycle, compact car, 4WD and marine technology. It promises outstanding quality and the best value for money to its worldwide customers. There has been a global shift towards small fuel efficient cars  and motorcycles in the recent years, owing to the hike in oil prices. Suzuki masters the art of making compact fuel efficient motorcycles cars and has therefore been doing thriving business of late. It offers smart, fuel efficient and environment friendly vehicles in a nominal price to its customers.

Popular Suzuki Motorcycles in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki offers a number of motorbikes in Pakistan but the most popular bikes include Suzuki GS 150, Suzuki Sprinter, Suzuki GD 110 and Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki GS 150: The Suzuki GS is a family of 4 stroked motorcycles produced by the Suzuki Motors Corporation. This is a deviation from the Suzuki tradition which had previously manufactured 2 strokes motorcycles. The GS is a road bike which belongs to the semi-sports bike family of the Suzuki bikes. The GS was designed to compete with the Kawasaki Z1-900 which at that time was a flagship Kawasaki model.

Suzuki 150 Price in Pakistan

The Suzuki 150 price in Pakistan 2015 is PKR. 128,500/. Here are Suzuki GS 150 for sale in Pakistan.

Suzuki Sprinter: The Sprinter is a city bike manufactured by the Pak Suzuki Motors in collaboration with Japanese industrial giant Suzuki Motors Co. Pak Suzuki Motors started fabricating the Sprinter in 2009, and recently they launched Suzuki Sprinter Eco featuring 110cc engine.

Suzuki Sprinter 110 Price in Pakistan

The Suzuki Sprinter 110 price is PKR. 93,400/- Here are Suzuki Sprinter for sale in Pakistan.

Suzuki Hayabusa: The sports bike has a 1.3L 4 cylinder engine mated to 6-speed constant mesh transmission. The motorbike comes with 2 years or 24000 km warranty. It is available in black, white and yellow colors.

Suzuki Hayabusa price: The starting price of Suzuki Hayabus 2015 is PKR. 2,600,000. Buy Suzuki Hayabusa for sale in Pakistan.

Suzuki GD 110: The GD family consists of Suzuki 110 and Suzuki 110S, both of which carry 4-Stroke, 110 cc, SOHC, Air-Cooled Powerful Engine to generate 8 hp. Both the motorbikes are very fuel efficient offering 60 km/h fuel economy.

Suzuki GD 110 price in Pakistan: The 2015 Suzuki GD 110S EURO II price starts from PKR 126,000/-, while the Suzuki GD 110 EURO II costs PKR 114,000/-

Availability of Suzuki Motorcycles in Pakistan

Suzuki motorcycles are readily available in all Pakistani cities and have been assembled in Pakistan for a long time now. The motorcycle parts, labor and after sales services are easily accessible. All new Suzuki motorcycles as well as used models can be acquired from Suzuki dealers.

Interesting Facts about Suzuki

The Suzuki Loom Company started in 1909 as a manufacturer of looms for weaving silk and cotton. Michio Suzuki was intent on making better, more user-friendly looms and, for 30 years his focus was on the development of these exceptionally complex machines. Michio's desire to diversify into automotive products was interrupted by World War II. Before it began building four-stroke engines, Suzuki Motor Corp. was known for its two-stroke engines (for motorcycles and autos). After the war, Suzuki made a two-stroke motorized bicycle, but eventually the company would be known for Hayabusa and GSX-R motorcycles, for the QuadRunner, and for dominating racetracks around the world. Even after producing its first car in 1955 the company didn't have an automobile division until 1961.Today Suzuki is among the world's largest automakers, and a major brand name in important markets, including Japan and India, but no longer sells cars in North America. An impressive collection of very reasonably priced Suzuki motorcycles can be found here.