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Suzuki GD 110 for Sale in Pakistan

Suzuki motorcycles are not only popular in Pakistan, but they also enjoy a remarkable reputation around the globe. Suzuki motorbikes have long dominated the Pakistani motorcycle market with its top of the line GD family which includes Suzuki GD 110 and Suzuki GD 110S. The Suzuki GD motorcycles come with a 4 cylinder engine combined with great style, fast speed, fuel efficiency, stable handling and reasonable price. Both the motorbikes are available at Pak Suzuki showrooms throughout Pakistan. Here are:

10 Things To Know Before Buying Suzuki GD 110 in Pakistan

1. What is Suzuki GD 110 Specification?

As said earlier, the GD family comprises of the Suzuki bike 110 and the Suzuki GD 110 S - a superior model. Both the Suzuki 110 and Suzuki 110S are equipped with a 4-Stroke, 110 cc, SOHC, Air-Cooled Powerful Engine with decompress kick for safe and easy start, paired with a 4 speed transmission system. These Suzuki motorcycles also comply with the Euro II emission standards, making them highly fuel efficient. The Suzuki 110 2015 is known to generate 8 horsepower at 8,500 RPM and 8.53Nm of torque. The updated carburetor renders a smooth throttle response and fuel efficient drive.

2. What is Suzuki GD 110 Fuel Consumption?

The Suzuki GD 110 mileage, reported by some owners, is above 60km/L, which is perfect for people who have to travel miles every day.

3. What is the Suzuki GD 110 Top Speed?

You can achieve a top speed of around 105 km/h to 110 km/h with Suzuki 110 bike depending on the road condition. We do not recommend driving at such high speed, but it’s always useful when you are late for work or an event.

4. Check Suzuki GD 110 Review of Design Features?

High performance is not the only thing the Suzuki motorcycle 110 is known for. Its stylish design and the sleek body are the main reasons why it is highly popular in Pakistan. The front features a sporty head cowl with a modern speed gauge and gear indicator. The Suzuki GD 110 S features a self-start button near the handle while the GD 110 Suzuki has a kick start mechanism. The lavish front fender, alloy wheels combined with the chrome plated muffler and comfortable driving seat further add value to this Suzuki motorcycle.

5. What Suzuki GD 110 Colors are Available?

This Suzuki GD 110cc gives you 4 unique colors options to choose from namely Red, Black, Blue and Grey. The Suzuki GD 110 Black is the sportiest choice and very popular among youngsters.

6. Are Suzuki 110 Parts Easily Available in the Market?

Pak Suzuki Motors, which is a subsidiary of Japanese automaker Suzuki, locally manufactures Suzuki motorcycles in Pakistan. The Suzuki Genuine Parts (SGP) and Suzuki Genuine Oil (SGO) are also available at the Pak Suzuki showrooms. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about searching the spare parts in the local markets.

7. Suzuki Raider 110 vs Suzuki GD 110

Both the motorcycles are from the same brand and even though the Suzuki GD 110 Euro 2 carries a higher price tag, the more attractive looks and a powerful yet fuel saving drive of Suzuki 110 make it preferable.

8. Should You Buy Suzuki 110 2015 in Pakistan?

If you are looking for a stylish ride, look no other than the Suzuki110. Not only it is attractive, but offers an impressive mileage too. If paying more is a problem, you can also buy the Suzuki GD 110 on installments. Check our listing to buy new and used Suzuki GD 110 in your city.

9. What Makes Suzuki GD 110 Standout in its Class?

Although the features of both the bikes are somewhat similar, the self-start option in GD 110S is what distinguishes it from the GD110 and other competitors in the market as well. The low seat design of the GD motorcycles is specifically invented as such to ensure great comfort on long journeys.

10. What is Suzuki 110 Price in Pakistan?

The price of the 2015 Suzuki GD 110S EURO II is PKR 126,000/-, while the Suzuki GD 110 EURO II, which is a less expensive variant, costs only PKR 114,000/-.

The main competitor of the Suzuki GD bikes is the Road Prince RP 110 which is relatively cheaper than the GD, however because of the greater fuel efficiency, enhanced sporty look, more comfortable drive and higher resale value, people tend to prefer the Suzuki GD.

Our Final Remarks on Suzuki GD 110

There is no doubt, Suzuki Motors develops high quality products and maintains an excellent stature in the automotive industry. Their durable and versatile motorcycles are the main reasons why people prefer them over others in Pakistan. The Suzuki 110 is the first choice for riders looking to buy a powerful motorcycle which delivers style, adrenaline-thrill and stability. Despite being expensive, motorbike enthusiasts use them as a style statement. And the good thing is, they can also be bought in easy installments.