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Suzuki GS 150 for Sale in Pakistan

Suzuki, being one of the leading motorcycle brands around the world also maintains a remarkable reputation in Pakistan. Suzuki motorcycles give a tough competition to other bikes owing to their exceptional quality, power, handling and efficiency. The Suzuki GS series was the first to get a four stroke engine since the previous models were manufactured as 2 stroke machines. With a tagline 'King of the Road, Symbol of Quality', the Suzuki GS 150 is one of the few motorcycles in Pakistan which has 5-speed constant mesh with electric start system. Suzuki has kept its place in the market by developing fuel efficient and environment friendly motorcycles in affordable prices. Pak Suzuki Motors also offers the Suzuki 150cc on easy installments. Here are:

10 Things To Know Before Buying Suzuki GS 150 in Pakistan

1. What is Suzuki GS 150 Specification?

The Suzuki GS 150 2015 comes equipped with a 4-stroke, air cooled 150cc engine paired with 5-speed constant mesh transmission system generating 12 horsepower. The EURO II technology ensures environment friendliness as well as a phenomenal performance.

2. What is Suzuki GS 150 Fuel Consumption?

Owing to the Euro 2 standard technology, the Suzuki GS150 is not only nature friendly but also highly fuel efficient. The Suzuki GS 150 mileage is 44-48 km/liter, which makes it highly popular among people who have to travel a lot on daily basis.

3. What is Suzuki GS 150 Top Speed?

The 5 Speed transmission system allows the Suzuki 150 Pakistan to cross 120km/h mark easily. An amazing performance combined with high fuel efficiency is all you need in a good motorcycle and the Suzuki 150 bike offers it.

4. Check Suzuki GS 150 Review of Exterior Design

Initially, GS stood for“Gear and Shaft”, but it was later changed to “General Style”, because many other Japanese manufacturers started designing motorcycles similar to the Suzuki 150cc bike. The sleek and smart design that encompasses a large headlamp, parking lights, a flashing red light on the sides, Japanese styled silencer and comfortable black leather seat are some of the reasons why Suzuki bike 150 is preferred by Pakistanis.

5. What Suzuki GS 150 Colors are Available in the Market?

It is available in 2 funky colors; Suzuki GS 150 Black and Red. Both look phenomenal; it’s a matter of your personal choice.

6. Are Suzuki GS 150 Spare Parts Easily Accessible in Pakistan?

All Suzuki GS 150 parts should be available at the official Suzuki dealers which are spread across every province. In addition, you can also buy parts from the local markets, but to improve your bike’s life we would recommend buying the genuine parts.

7. Suzuki GS 150 vs Honda 125

The Suzuki GS 150 new model 2015 is expensive than Honda CG 125, however it’s more advanced in every aspect. The fuel tank capacity of the Suzuki GS 150 new model is 12.0 liter, which is huge. The extended wheelbase of 1270mm (50.0 in) in addition to the dry mass of 119kg (262 lbs) helps in better handling and renders a smooth drive. Plus, unlike the Honda 125 which only has a kick-start system, the GS 150 Suzuki has both electric and kick start system.

8.   Should You Buy Suzuki 150 in Pakistan?

Since its inception, the Suzuki GS 150 Pakistan has been greatly improved. The handle bar area consists of two separate meters for speed and RPM. The indicator lights are also positioned between the two meters for a quick use. The key insertion hole is not coupled with the speedometer as seen in the previous models. If you were not happy with the previous models, the Suzuki GS 150 model 2015 will surely impress you. The body is also compact enough to move easily through jammed traffics and narrow streets. Check our listings to buy new and Suzuki GS 150 modified in your city.

9. What Makes Suzuki GS 150 the Best in its Class?

Every single feature of this motorcycle is dominant and outspoken, from its powerful engine that delivers speed, agility and efficiency to the electric ignition (CDI) and the compelling 12V battery. The GS150 uses both electric and kick start systems which make it unique among other competitors in the market. Moreover, the resale value of this Suzuki bike is good, which is why it is preferred by consumers.

10. What is Suzuki GS 150 Price in Pakistan?

Suzuki Motorcycles are locally assembled in Pakistan by Pak Suzuki Motors. The GS150 is readily available at official Suzuki dealers in all the major cities for PKR 128,500/-, or you can go for Suzuki GS 150 installment package (contact with the official dealer for details). Suzuki extends warranty and after sales service on all motorcycles, so it is good to buy a bike within warranty.

Our Final Remarks on Suzuki GS 150

The GS150’s soundless engine that does not make unnecessary vibrations on high speeds combined with a sporty exterior and multifunctional nature makes this Suzuki motorcycle the first choice of bike enthusiasts in Pakistan.

In metropolitan cities like Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi where due to heavy traffic people prefer speedy bikes, the Suzuki GS 150cc would be a perfect choice owing to its bold design and a highly fuel efficient engine. The only competitor of the GS150 in the 150cc bikes segment is Honda CBR 150, but that is more like a sports bike with an enormous price tag of PKR 660,000.  You can say, the more appropriate challenger is Honda CG 125, but that falls behind in performance and handling.