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Suzuki Raider for Sale in Pakistan

The Raider is an underbone city bike manufactured by the Japanese industrial giant Suzuki Motors Co. Suzuki Motors Co. started fabricating the Raider in 2002 and is still going strong after seeing off 13 years on the assembly line. The Raider is a class of motorcycles which was previously known as step through due to its design. The Raider comes in two configurations, 110 cc and 150 cc. Suzuki Motors has its assembly plant in Indonesia where the Raider as well as other automobiles and bikes are assembled under license from Suzuki Motors Co. An impressive collection of Suzuki Raider can be found here.

Suzuki Raider Motorcycles Performance Specs

The Raider comes in two cylinder volumes: 110 cc and 150 cc. It has a Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) which means that even lesser fuel is consumed due to the excellent electronic timing system. The transmission for the 150 cc is 6 speed manual with five ups  and it has an oil cooled engine in a carburetor configuration. It has a 4 stroke engine with 4 valves to control precisely the fuel injection to the engine.

Suzuki Raider Motorcycles Design

The Raider follows the Suzuki FX 125 design. It took the chassis, the frame, the rear swing arm and the front brakes from the Suzuki FX 125 and modified them to make the structure more aerodynamic. In 2009 the Suzuki Raider second generation got a slight makeover in its design. The headlight was changed inspired by that of the GSX-R superbikes, which now defines its special look giving it visually a nice edge as a high-end performance bike in the underbone category..

Suzuki Raider Motorcycles Features

The Raider comes loaded with many features the most important of which are full length front shock and the rear monoshock suspension, 6 speed short gear transmission ratio, dual cam shaft engine, lightweight chassis construction, alloy cast wheel, large-diameter front disc brake, and a rear disc brake. The rear disc brake is certainly a novelty because it is rarely found in underbone step through bikes.

Suzuki Raider Motorcycles Prices in Pakistan

The Raider is bike which is made outside Pakistan but is widely available in Pakistan. Most of the models available on the Pakistani market are in fact 110 cc model and are direct competitors of Honda and Kawasaki models in the same cylinder volume category. Suzuki is a very well established brand in Pakistan and points of sales are available in all the major urban areas of Pakistan. The labor and parts are readily available as well. The price varies from PKR 95,000 to PKR 105,000 depending on the condition and the mileage.


Suzuki Raider is truly an all condition motorcycle. Apart from being very economical, the Raider 150 cc model has a top speed of 150 kmph which is the highest in the world for a motorcycle of this cylinder volume category. Its 110 cc engine ensures that it could travel the country roads covered with mud after a rain and gain enough traction as well as the well maintained city roads. Its fuel efficiency and easy availability of spare parts and labor makes it one of the bikes with highest resale values on the market. The Raider is made in Indonesia and Philippines but the spare parts are fabricated by local manufacturers which makes the spare parts even cheaper as compared to motorcycles for which the parts have to be imported. This further endears the Suzuki Raider to Pakistani clientele. We recommend Suzuki Raider for all the consumers who are looking for quality, reliability and strength.