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Suzuki Sprinter for Sale in Pakistan

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The Sprinter is a city bike manufactured by the Pak Suzuki Motors in collaboration with Japanese industrial giant Suzuki Motors Co. Pak Suzuki Motors started fabricating the Sprinter in 2009 and is still going strong after seeing off 5 years on the assembly line. The Sprinter is in fact designed as a compromise between the economical 70 cc motorcycles which are fuel efficient but do not deliver a lot of power and the 125 cc bikes which are very powerful but are not very fuel efficient. Pak Suzuki Motors has its assembly plant in Karachi where the Sprinter as well as other automobiles and bikes are assembled under license from Suzuki Motors Co. An impressive collection of Suzuki Sprinter can be found here.

Suzuki Sprinter Motorcycles Performance Specs

The Sprinter comes in only one cylinder volume: 110 cc. This means that the Sprinter is fuel efficient as well as powerful at the same time. It has a Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) which means that even lesser fuel is consumed due to the excellent electronic timing system. The transmission is 4 speed manual with no reverse and it has an air cooled engine in a carburetor configuration. Although initially Pak Suzuki Motors was thinking of introducing a Sprinter model with a self start mechanism, finally they decided against it and settled for the kick starter.

Suzuki Sprinter Motorcycles Design

suzuki sprinter price in Pakistan

The Sprinter follows the “Universal Japanese Motorcycle” (UJM) design. In the 70s and 80s. major Japanese constructors such as Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki started copying each others’ models which resulted eventually in motorcycles fabricated by different companies but closely resembling in design. This design was named “Universal Japanese Motorcycle” design or UJM and all the Sprinter motorcycles conforms to this design. The Suzuki Sprinter is the direct competitor of Honda City 110 motorcycle and as suggested by the UJM, resembles the Honda City a lot. A major difference is the pick. Suzuki Sprinter has a four stroke engine which gives it a tremendous pick and a phenomenal feeling of power.

Suzuki Sprinter Motorcycles Features

The Sprinter comes loaded with many features such as a longer than usual seat which allows 2 or 3 persons to ride the bike comfortably. This is due to the high power of the Suzuki Sprinter motorcycles. People buying these motorcycles often use them to transport their small family on bike and this is where the extra power and extra seat room comes in handy.

Suzuki Sprinter Motorcycles Prices in Pakistan

The Sprinter is bike which is made in Pakistan and as such is available in Pakistan. Suzuki is a very well established brand in Pakistan and points of sales are available in all the major urban areas of bikes price in pakistan | suzuki sprinter price in Pakistan The labor and parts are readily available as well. The price varies from PKR 80,000 to PKR 100,000 depending on the condition and the mileage. Average price of Suzuki Sprinter in the year 2015 according to current Carmudi listings was PKR: 91227.


Suzuki Sprinter is truly an all condition motorcycle. Its 110 cc engine ensures that it could travel the country roads covered with mud after a rain and gain enough traction as well as the well maintained city roads. Its fuel efficiency and easy availability of spare parts and labor makes it one of the bikes with highest resale values on the market. The Sprinter is made in Pakistan which makes the spare parts even cheaper as compared to motorcycles for which the parts have to be imported. This further endears the Suzuki Sprinter to Pakistani clientele. We recommend Suzuki Sprinter for all the consumers who are looking for quality, reliability and strength.