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Yamaha for Sale in Pakistan

Yamaha motorcycles are manufactured by the Yamaha Corporation which is a Japanese multinational corporation and conglomerate based in Japan with a very wide range of products and services, predominantly musical instruments, electronics, motorcycles and power sports equipment. Yamaha was established in 1887 as a piano and reed organ manufacturer by Torakusu Yamaha as Nippon Gakki Company, Limited (Japan Musical Instrument Manufacturing Corporation) in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka prefecture and was incorporated on October 12, 1897. A huge collection of Yamaha motorcycles can be found here.  

Performance and Technology of Yamaha

After World War II, company president Genichi Kawakami repurposed the remains of the company's war-time production machinery and the company's expertise in metallurgical technologies to the manufacture of motorcycles. The YA-1, of which 125 were built in the first year of production (1954), was named in honour of the founder. It was a 125cc, single cylinder, two-stroke, street bike patterned after the German DKW RT125 (which the British munitions firm, BSA, had also copied in the post-war era and manufactured as the Bantam and Harley-Davidson as the Hummer. In 1955, the success of the YA-1 resulted in the founding of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd

Popular Models of Yamaha

Yamaha released several popular models over the years which became instant customer favorites both at the local and export markets. Yamaha produced a wide range of products including motorcycles, boats, heavy machinery and musical instruments. The most popular models however are the models designed for urban usage. These models include but are not limited to the DS7, the Matiz, the Leganza and the Espero.

  • DS 7: The Yamaha DS7 motorcycle was made in 1972. It is a 250cc twin 2 stroke. The DS7 makes 30 hp at 7,500 rpm. Top speed is 93 mph. 12v battery ignition. The DS7 is the initial forerunner of the Yamaha RD series of motorcycles started in 1973. The major difference between the 250 cc DS7 and 350 cc R5 of 1972 and the 1973 RD250 and RD350 was that the DS7 and R5 utilized piston-port induction, whereas the RDs were introduced with reed valve induction.
  • RD400: The RD400 was a 399cc two-stroke air-cooled six-speed motorcycle once produced by Yamaha from 1976 until 1980. It evolved directly from the Yamaha RD350 The 350 evolved into the more refined and cleaner running RD400C in 1976, the "D" and "E" in 77-78 and the final model, the white 1980 RD400G. The brakes were single front disc brake and a single rear disc brake. It could complete a standard quarter-mile in 14.15 seconds. The RD400 was the first ever production motorcycle to be equipped with cast wheels as standard.

Availability in Pakistan

The Yamaha motorcycles have a particular history in Pakistani context. They have been a part of the urban Pakistani landscape since the 1970s when the government started issuing permits to import them. Yamaha bikes are known to be powerful and tough and that is why Yamaha is the only bike in Pakistan which is as abundantly found in the rural areas as it is in the metropolises.

Along with Honda and Suzuki, Yamaha is one of the biggest manufacturers of utility and sports motorcycles in the world. Where Honda and Suzuki fabricate cars as well, Yamaha has limited its expertise to making motorcycles. There are a lot of Yamaha motorcycles for sale in Lahore are available both in the utility and the sports bike category. Yamaha motorcycles for sale in Lahore in the utility category comprise especially of the Yamaha Dhoom YD 70 and in the sports bike category they comprise of the R6 and R7 which are direct competitors of Suzuki Katana and Honda Guzzler.  A huge number of Yamaha motorcycles for sale in Lahore can be found at Carmudi.

Yamaha Motorcycles Prices in Pakistan

Yamaha offers a range of powerful, stylish and fuel efficient motorcycles in Pakistan which include YD-125 Sports, YD-70 Dhoom, YD-100 Junoon and Mini-100.

The YD-125 Sports, with its muscular look and a 125cc EURO II OHV engine carries a price tag of PKR 105,000, whereas the YD-70 Dhoom featuring 70cc engine comes with an affordable price of PKR 50,400.

The YD-100 Junoon and Mini-100 share the same 4-Stroke, air cooled, SOHC 100cc engine, however, the Mini-100 is lighter and cheaper than the former. The YD-100 Junoon is priced at PKR 72,500, while the Mini-100 starts from PKR 64,900.

Interesting Facts about Yamaha motorcycles

The Yamaha logo has a very peculiar story attached to it. The company started as a  musical instruments manufacturer. In those days tuning forks were used to determine the exact frequency of the musical instruments. The company's origins are still reflected today in the group's logo: a trio of interlocking tuning forks. The Company however is named after the founder Torakusu Yamaha, keeping in line with the tradition of naming companies after their founders for example Toyota or Suzuki. An impressive collection of very reasonably priced Yamaha motorcycles can be found here.