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Yamaha YBR 125 for Sale in Pakistan

Yamaha Motor Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, founded in March 2013, is the sole distributor of Yamaha bikes in Pakistan, however it started its operations on April 27th, 2015. The YBR 125 was first introduced globally in 2005, and received a tremendous response from motorbike enthusiasts. The 2015 Yamaha 125 has recently been launched in Pakistan with an upgraded sporty look and a powerful single cylinder engine. It has quickly made its mark in the Pakistani motorbike market due to its exceptional design, which cannot be compared to other motorcycles in Pakistan.

Why You Should Buy Yamaha YBR 125?

Yamaha YBR 125 Specs

The 2015 Yamaha YBR 125 is equipped with an excellent 124cc 4-Stroke, air cooled, SOHC single-cylinder engine that delivers 7.2 Kw power at 8,500 rpm and 8.6 Nm of torque. The engine is paired with a constant mesh 5 speed transmission system which ensures maximum performance on the road.

The single-axis balancer holding the engine reduces any vibrations while running, ensuring a more comfortable ride. The front suspension is specifically designed to offer a smooth and trouble-free drive on bumpy roads providing excellent road grip..

Yamaha YBR 125 Fuel Average

The new Yamaha 125 is known to give an average fuel economy of 32km/L.

Yamaha YBR 125 Review of Design

The luxurious sporty look of the 2015 YBR 125 makes it very popular among Pakistani youngsters. The new design features a diamond frame with a superior rigidity strength balance, which is perfect for carrying multiple passengers or load .The 18 inch 5-spoke wheels not just add to the look of the motorcycle, but also offer an amazing grip and performance. The halogen headlamp with smoked windshield, sporty two level comfortable seating and the twin dial instrument panel with speedometer, fuel gauge and tachometer enhance the overall look of the motorcycle.

Yamaha YBR 125 Colors

The  Yamaha YBR 125 2015 is offered in 3 beautiful colors including, Dark Grey Metallic, Vivid Cocktail Red and Metallic Blue.

Yamaha YBR 125 Distinct Features

The new Yamaha 125 in Pakistan with a tagline of “Passion For Style” is a complete package for motorcycle enthusiasts. The sleek design makes it stand out among its competitors. The fuel tank capacity of 13.0L ensures that your long journeys go uninterrupted. The front disc brake gives lots of braking strength and outstanding operational touch and controllability.

Yamaha YBR 125 Price in Pakistan

The Yamaha Pakistan 125 is available at the Yamaha Motor Pakistan authorized dealers in all the major cities of Pakistan with a price tag of PKR 129,400/-. The Yamaha motorcycle spare parts are also easily available throughout Pakistan, so maintenance is not an issue at all.

The Yamaha 125 is comparatively expensive than its rivals such as Honda CG 125, Metro MR 125 and Super Power 125, however its high end design and engine specifications make it unique and preferred by a lot of consumers. Perhaps, the most appropriate competitor of it is Honda Deluxe, which carries a price tag of PKR 124,000/-.


The YBR 125 Yamaha is a top of the line model from Yamaha Motor Pakistan. It combines style, performance and efficiency all in one drive. Although it is expensive, nevertheless it has gained a significant position in the motorcycle market in a quick time, because of its design, great performance and durability.