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Zxmco ZX 70 for Sale in Pakistan

Zxmco is a Chinese motorbike manufacturer established in 1991. In 2004, Abdul Samad Group of companies collaborated with it to establish an assembly line in Lahore to manufacture Zxmco bikes locally. The company has launched two 70cc bikes including Zxmco ZX 70 City Rider and Zxmco ZX 70 City Rider Euro-II. Here are:

5 Things To Know Before Buying Zxmco ZX 70 in Pakistan

1. What is Zxmco ZX 70 Specification?

The Zxmco 70 carries a 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled engine paired with Continuous 4 Speed Mesh transmission that generates 7 horsepower and 5.4Nm of torque.

2. What is Zxmco ZX 70 Fuel Consumption?

This Zxmco motorcycle is capable of delivering fuel economy of over 60 km per liter. This impressive fuel mileage makes the Zxmco 70cc a very economical choice in the market.

3. Check our Zxmco ZX 70 Review of Exterior Design

The Zxmco CD70 has a similar design to Honda CD 70. The simple exterior styling makes it a good choice for both youngsters and mid aged people in Pakistan. The ZX 70 City Rider is available only in Black color, however, ZX 70 City Rider Euro-II is obtainable in Red, Blue and Black colors.

4. What Makes Zxmco 70 Motorcycle Standout in its Class?

The powerful engine and the incredible fuel efficiency are definitely the charm of both Zxmco bikes. This is the reason the ZX 70cc is gaining popularity in both small towns as well as big cities.

5. What is Zxmco ZX 70cc Price in Pakistan?

The ZX 70 is available at a starting price of PKR 38,500. The affordable price tag is another reason why this Zxmco bike is very famous among low income groups in Pakistan.

Our Final Remarks on Zxmco Motorcycle Pakistan

The Zxmco 70 2014 provides a perfect combination of style, reliability and performance. It is the most economic 70cc you can buy in Pakistan. The spare parts are also easily available at the official dealers. We strongly recommend this bike from Zxmco Pakistan to Chinese motorcycle lovers.